Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just In Case

A while back I committed myself to putting the adoption on my brains back burner so I could just focus on everyday living.

Given the fact that the adoption is in a precarious situation and needed time to be done correctly, that was pretty easy to do.

I have been working nonstop on a book editing job I picked up as freelance work. Taking a book from the initial editing to preparing it to be self-published through a publishing company. I have found the entire experience awesome, exhilarating and fun. Completely time-consuming, I've been staying up late and waking up early to work on it.

When one is immersed in a time-consuming, all-encompassing task, it is easy to lose sight of the calendar.

I realized that Tuesday was St. Patty's day, which is no big deal in a Chamorro household. I mean, it wasn't the Irish Inquisition that changed the island's history, after all.

Yet, today when I turned on my cell phone (look at me, being all 21st century!), and the date

March 19, 2009

glowed big and bright

it took the wind out of my sails.

March is nearly over.

Miss Jill, my dear friend who lives a block over, is going to Haiti next month to do some mission work. I'm so envious. I contemplated going with her, until I found out how much plane tickets were (Spring Break prices), which quickly squashed my contemplation.

In January, Jill called me one morning. "I just had a dream," she began, "that I was in Haiti, and Sara E. called me, celebrating that your boys' Visa's were ready but that you didn't know. So I called you, and you could barely hear me, and I was so excited that I was shouting, 'Should I bring them home? Do you want me to get them?'"

Duh, girlfriend!

My mother, dear prophetic Jimmy, who has always so accurately nailed many predictions about my life (like I'd marry an Asian man and adopt children), has always said that she felt my boys would be home in April. Disappointed though, she felt she was wrong because last April came and went.

But maybe, actually, she had her April's confused.

Maybe it is this April.

And dream-gifted Jill is going to be in Haiti this April.

This little dream/scheme that we concocted up
is all together
too beautiful and too painful,
at the same time.

we still emailed
Sara E.
to find out what type of paperwork
Jill would need to take with her.
Just in case
dreams do come true.


small town girl said...

Oh, I so hope and pray for you, girlfriend!

I believe I would cry with happiness.

It would be a good cry.

small town girl said...

Oh, I pray that this will be the case, girlfriend!