Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I had a difficult time narrowing down exactly what I wanted to title this post.

Stepping Outside of One's Comfort Zone
Never Say Never
What Am I Doing?

For the past year or so, I've been very content being a stay at home, homeschool mom. I've never had much interest in having a 'job' so to speak, unless necessitated by financial demands,

Really, the times I have worked outside the home I did my best to enjoy, but I knew it wasn't really for me. I don't like office politics and dynamics. I don't like punching a clock. I don't like flurorescent lighting. I could respect and work hard to support a company's mission statement and goals, but my heart was never in it.

What's the saying? Find out what you love, and then make it your job and it will never feel like work. Well, every time I stepped foot out of the home to earn money, it felt like work.

Homeschooling doesn't feel like work to me. I mean, I know that it is. It's tough. But I love it. My heart and mind are fully vested in it.

My family has always come first in my life, and the structure of my day reflects that. Other loves/passions/hobbies that I have are my faith, my gardening, natural living and eating, knitting. I used to joke that if I could find a job selling home vegetable gardens or promoting a vegetarian lifestyle, I would do it.

Last fall, I was invited to one of the home parties, for a company called Norwex that sells natural cleaning products. Right up my alley, except 1) I rarely if ever attended these parties and 2) we still had some significant adoption fees to pay for, and Cliff's commission structure was lessened, and we were broke.

But, the allure of the company of good friends and good coffee (in a child-free environment) won me out and I went. Plus I had friends who had nearly a cult-like following of the product, as they are so (loudly) in love with the stuff. So I found myself sitting in my friend's home.

And I listened. And I watched.

There's no arguing, the company's products clean well. REALLY well. But they have some mighty big claims about their safety, and the whole microfiber concept was new to me.

And although intrigued, I left empty-handed. Because I'm always skeptical of claims made by any corporation.

But for the next few weeks, all I could think was about Norwex. The Mister helped me to a bit of research on the company. I read through all of their scientific studies. I called the gal who brought Norwex to Wisconsin and talked at length with her about it. I tried out some of their products.

Prior to all of this, I have been praying for a long time for financial blessings. The adoption has drained us. I feel badly about the stress the Mister feels to do well. He's a driven man, so I know that he would feel this stress anyways, but the adoption costs add to it.

A pile of money never dropped out of the sky, which was my secret hope. But suddenly though, I realized that here I was being given an opportunity to earn money in a way that was in line with my values, beliefs, interests and passions. When it came down to it, I love everything about Norwex. It falls into the category of "Do what you love, and it won't feel like work."

And one day, when the Mister and I were driving along, I completely surprised myself by saying, "I think I want to sell Norwex."

Now, I've never wanted to sell anything. In fact, I have told the Mister, who is in sales, that while I have a HUGE amount of respect for people who are in the sales industry, I NEVER WOULD EVER sell anything. Never. I'm completely comfortable being at home in my own little world of children and homeschool.

For the past year, I have watched my stepsister build her own Lia Sophia business. I have watched her social circles, her positive and upbeat nature and her confidence grow. I have watched her step outside her comfort zone, and while at times experience set backs of momentary defeat, watch her reap the rewards from being willing to do so with an I-won't-give-up attitude.

She is a huge inspiration to me.

I have been tossing the idea around of creating a second blog for my business end of things. But, for now, I have decided against it. I blog about a whole array of things here: family life, motherhood, adoption, random thoughts. My Norwex business has become a family business of sorts, and we are all enjoying this ride together. So I think for now, it best belongs here.

So stay tuned. I will be mixing in my fledgling business experiences, product reviews, successes and failures, right in along side of adoption rants, mommy raves and reflections on life in general.


Salzwedel Family said...

How exciting! I pray this new venture will be blessed beyond measure.

Sawatzky Kids said...

Exciting Sarah!
I look forward to learning more about you adventure!
And thank you for the beautiful comment you left for me about homeschooling! It meant the world to read that!

This Mama said...

Cool - it sounds like a fabulous product. I scrub and scrub with vinegar and rags so you know I have the same commitment as you to a chemical free house. If you got a product that will make it all easier then I will buy from you my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Quick story- when I joined my current company, my boss met Sarah and, after a few minutes, said 'you know, if you want...we could hire you and have (insert Mr.'s name here) stay at home'. Even then, her natural charm was evident.

I'm proud of you (and grateful that you never wanted to take my place as the friendly neighborhood drug dealer).