Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess Where the Mister is Right Now?

Two months ago, Atticus and I were at our weekly violin lesson. We began discussing what piece Mr. Atticus would play in the May recital.

"Now, we need to decide on what duet piece you two will be playing together!" his teacher enthusiastically bubbled.

Say what?

will play, right?" she asked.

"Okay," I said, "I really can't expect my children to participate in recitals if I'm not willing to, right?"

Yet, I wonder if she failed to realize that when I play the violin, I sound like I'm playing the freakin' bagpipes. Truly.

"Oh, it's been years since I had a parent play," she gushed on.

There's a reason for that, I thought.

"You are going to make all those other Moms just sitting on their duffs in the audience green with envy. . green, I tell you!" The teacher was giddy

Green with envy? At me? Okay, the shallow, competitive SuperMom side of me can totally handle that one.

So, we chose a piece. Upon our return home, Atticus raced into the house before me.

"Guess what?!?" he shrieked to the Mister. "Mom's going to play in the recital. . .with me!!!"

The Mister raised an eyebrow. "You're playing in the violin recital? Really? THAT'S SO AWESOME! What a wonderful example you're setting for the children. . . yadee yadee yadee."

As he was running off at the mouth, I realized that the Mister was never home to hear me play. So he was unaware of the bagpipe factor.

Yet, I smiled wanly and thanked him for his support.

Little did I know, he would soon get his.

The very next afternoon, at Hatfield's dance lesson, the teacher handed out sign-up sheets for the Spring Recital Dad's Dance. Yes indeed, each year, a group of Dad's (or Grandpa's, or Whomever, but Menfolk) get together and perform in the recital. Both as a group of Dad's, and then together, Dads and Kids.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Mister was the first dad signed up!

When the Mister came home that afternoon, it was Hatfield who ran to him first.

"GUESS WHAT?!?" she shrieked. "There's a Dad's Dance in the Recital. And YOU get to BE in it!"

"Say what?"

"The Dad's Dance! All the Dad's do a dance together at the recital, and then they all do a dance with us kids! It's going to be awesome!!!" she shrieked.

Now it was
my turn: "THAT'S SO AWESOME! What a wonderful example you're setting for the children. . . yadee yadee yadee."

He smiled wanly. "Great. Sounds like fun."

Now, just so you all know, the Mister is one heck of a dancer. For many of his childhood years, he took native Chamorro dancing, and performed all over Western Washington.

This time around, he doesn't even have to wear a loin cloth, for goodness sake! You'd think that he'd be
thanking me for that one!

All joking aside, I'm proud of my mister. Every Thursday night, from February through early May, the Mister goes to practice his fresh moves with the other dads from 9:30 to 10:30 pm. And there are about 40 guys there. Some veterans have been doing the Dad's Dance for 5+ years now. Even 3 Dad's from our old 'hood are there.

They practice Driving the Escaladeez. Bouncin' the Ball. I think they even do a Shine On, Shine Off Mr. Miyagi move.

I even hear that one stud there can throw down a good back spin.

Sometimes, when they do a really good job, they'll give each other pats on the butts. Just like their old football glory days.

Or native Chamorro Dance Team glory days.

Those were some good glory days, too.

Thank you, Mister.
For being the Dad that you are.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to argue with your logic. I'll dance happily if it provides a good example for the kids (thank God you has the violin! I can barely read English, let alone music).

Thank you for not getting pics of me in a loincloth. I did one dance like that and, despite the fact that most of that performance was impromptu (several guys disappeared on performance day, what are the chances, so we had to improvise), I was only worried about one thing- how big of a belly a skinny guy like me can have that actually makes the loincloth look like a thong, which is covering a tub of jello.

1-4-3, you sexy texting mama!


bbbunch said...

That is too funny...loin cloth Cliff, seriously??? HAHAHA!

The Bunch

Sawatzky Kids said...

Oh man this post has my sides aching! LMAO!!!
Well when it comes time for Shawn to pony up for a dance with Sophie I know who can give him a pep talk!
Shelly and gang