Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today it is 53 sunny degrees.

It is glorious.

So I put on my running shoes,

Grabbed my trusty K9 sidekick Wanda,

and we went running through the puddles.

Do you know that when you run
with a grinning Border Collie,
your run feels lighter and easier?

It is true.

Last Week, our veterinarian told us that
Wanda is blind in her gold eye.
Her blue eye is good.

We were sad, but not Wanda.
She does not let it slow her down.

Did you know that the Border Collie is
the #1 Most Intelligent Dog?
It is true;
I have NO doubt.

I am a proud doggie mama.
Maybe I should get this bumper sticker:

Today has been a Glorious Day.


Anonymous said...

That's funny... I ran once with Wanda and thought I was going to die. I remember you and the kids getting ready to get into the car to go look for me and seeing me come around the corner, gimping along, with Wanda cheerfully towing me.....


Sawatzky Kids said...

That does sound like a day wonderfully spent!