Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner with a Home School Family

Atticus: "Dad, scientists believe that volcanoes spit out fiery rock called magma from the earth."

The Mister: "Actually, did you guys know that the earth is like an Orange? And that the peel is like the crust of the earth, and the rest of it is melted rock?"

Hatfield, giving Mom a look, clears her throat. "Actually, Dad, the Earth is made up of the Crust, the Mantle, the Outer Core and the Inner Core. And it's not all fiery rock."

The Mister: "Yes, well, the peel, you see, is kind of like the land, and the rest can be. . ." his voice trails off as he sees Hatfield and I exchange mutual looks.

Hatfield: "Not really, Dad."

The Mrs.: "This is why Mom is your teacher."

Hatfield, Atticus and Paloma all nod.

The Mister: "It's a humbling moment when your children realize you're the village idiot."

The Mrs., nodding sympathetically: "No village would be complete without one, dear."


Anonymous said...

This goes to show what happens when you underestimate someone and try to use a simple analogy.

The next time anyone in the family asks me a question, I'll explain things in simpler fashion. Examples:
1. The goldfish is dead.
2. That delicious hamburger was a cow that mooed until someone blew its brains out.
3. That neighbor is drunk.
4. We don't let you hang around Mr. Magoo because he has to register every time he moves to a different address and was the inspiration behind a Law and Order:SVU episode.

-Mr. Analogy
PS- I am proud of my smart kids and smarter wife!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

The orange analogy for the layers of the earth..we use it in school as well. Smart kids you have there, I know some junior high kids that have trouble getting the layers right.


bbbunch said...

HAHAHAHAHA! You guys are too funny! LOVE IT!

The Bunch

Luke said...

Well, for the overly technical, analogies seldom work [smile].


Sawatzky Kids said...

To funny Cliff and Sarah! :)
I am looking forward to converstions like that in our near future! lol
Shelly and gang