Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Weekly Mess

I bet you all thought I was talking about adoption,
didn't you?

But Notify the Presses!
Sound the Alarms!
Because I'm not.

I'm talking coffee today, folks!

I am coffee-maker challeneged.

At least once a week, I make a huge nasty coffee mess.

This morning, I forgot to put the filter cone in. Oops!

My mess looked similar to this one,

except mine had WAY MORE coffee grinds in the mess.

Atticus walked up to the fridge, saw the coffee pot spewing black ooze everywhere, and cried out,

"Mom, it's a doozie this time!!!"

So all the children came running to the coffee station to see what type of mess Mom made. Hattie looked disdained. "That's not a doozie!" she huffed. "Don't you remember Christmas morning?"

"Oh yeah! I forgot!" Atticus cried, "Now THAT was a doozie."

They always seem much more charming
when these conversations
are at the expense
of someone else.

1 comment:

bbbunch said...

LOL! Oh my dear...you'll think that is a lot more funny after it's all cleaned up ;)