Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is not it

This isn't the big change that I promised you, folks. I just couldn't handle my other background anymore. I loved the pink, white and green it because it reminded me of the wallpaper in my grandparent's bathroom when I was a little girl. But I was only in my grandparent's home for maybe 6 hours each year. Little did I know that I would soon grow tired of being greeted by those splashy white flowers.

Have I ever shared with you that I am in love with and fascinated by old wallpaper? I am. When we lived in Milwaukee, nearly every house we looked at had some awesome 60's wallpaper somewhere in the house. The Mister would look at it and say, "Ugh. That's a lot of work to get that stuff off."

I would say, "I LOVE it! No one's touching it!"

But of course, we bought the house with the early 80's wallpaper (think mauve, powder blue, peach.)

The poor Mister's prediction came true.

It was a LOT of work to get that stuff off.

Fortunately, blog wallpaper is much easier to put up and take down!

The big change is imminent.

The holdup? Me. My indecisiveness. Because as easy as it is to put up and take down the free stuff, the wallpaper you pay mucho dinero would be very painful to remove.

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