Friday, February 06, 2009

A New Adoption Detour

We are now on yet another detour on our adoption road. I am now saying "detour" because as I was talking with the Mister, I had a picture of a map appear in my head. Kind of like on those overly-simplified, cartoon maps (think Dora. I watch waaaayyy too much Dora!)

I'm no longer using the word 'roadblock' because we are not stuck. A roadblock denotes "end of journey." And we are not at the end. A detour just takes you off-course so you can move around all the junk. But we're still moving onward in our journey.

I received some bad news this morning. Basically, the United States' USCIS office is trying very hard to find a reason to deny our Visa's. Their chosen method is by creating a 3-ring circus of great proportion, What a bunch of _____ (fill in the blank. The Mister and I thought of some doozies this morning!)

But guess what?
It Ain't Gonna Happen.

What the devil may use to try and harm us,
our God will use for our good.

And we are quite confident that He has the situation covered.

Am I saddened? Yes. Do I feel grief? Yes. Am I mad? Darn right I am. I have a Mother's Heart. You keep my away from my precious children and I'm gonna feel mad, sad and grieved.

But, I can do no more. I am not going to frustrate myself trying to do God's job. And he's made it quite clear that it is His job to bring my babies home. And I know what His job for me is: to be Mama to my babies at home, to be the Mrs. to my Mister, to teach my children and create a loving home.

So that's just what I'm going to do.

Is it easy? No! But honestly, I'm at the point where all I can do is lean in and fall under the cover of His protection. To live in His light. To hold fast to His promises.

I am Tired.
I am Weary.
I am Grateful and
I Praise God for His protection.

This morning, I am asking anyone who is willing to, to pray for us. I know that God has His light covering our situation, but each prayer offered helps that light to grow a little stronger and brighter.

Detours always bring you to your destination.
That is why they exist.
To bring you home.


Heather said...

Sarah I am praying for you, the family, and the boys. I pray the detour is brief and your boys will be home soon.

small town girl said...

Standing strong and praying with you and yours.

small town girl said...

You have the right attitude. Hang in there!

Steph, G's Mom said...

wow i am in awe of this post. i really have no idea what you guys are going thru, hearing what you just heard. but to have that level of faith is amazing. i pray that those with the visions have it realized soon!!!

Chapter Two Manmi said...

I am willing and I will pray for you daily...and as often as I remember.