Monday, February 16, 2009

I am sick.


I feel horrible and can't figure out why I just can't feel better.

But all this time lying about in bed leaves me a great deal of time to reflect.

I am a lucky, lucky girl because I'm married to the Mister.
I love my Mister because when I am sick, he always steps up and never complains.
I wouldn't blame him for complaining. Not one little bit. After all, look at the guy! He has a wife who is lying in bed, smelling like a barf bag.

He has to run after after a puppy who struggles with the concept of being housebroken when it's colder than 32 degrees outside.

And he has to deal with the aftermath of 3 children who spent all last week sick and whose mother became sick before any sort of household normalcy was reinstated.

Yesterday, while I was lying in bed and puking, he made the kids a super yummy and balanced dinner. Even though we had ramen in the house. Because he knows how important it is to me that the kids have good dinners.

Today, he did ALL the homeschool. With ALL the kids. Every hour or so, someone would come running up the stairs to proudly display their work or to share something 'cool' that Daddy taught them.
And in between all that school, he took it upon himself to help me out by washing all the boys' room bedding. And guess who found a "hidden" pile of dried out vomit in the sheets?

After all,
if you were a 6-year old boy
who threw up in the night,
and were really, really tired,
would you trek ALL the way to mom's room
when you can just hop in the empty bunk below yours?

I could hear my poor Mister run, gagging all the way to the bathroom after that discovery! But, the brave fellow still took all those nasty sheets and washed them up.

He also took both girls in for their haircuts this afternoon. They came home grinning ear to ear with their shiny, bouncy hair.

He gave the younger children a bath this evening, without me asking.

And when Paloma was all done with her bath, the Mister got out the hair dryer and plugged it in by Paloma's bedroom vanity. Then he brushed and dried Miss P's hair, just like lady did at the beauty salon.

Thank you, Mister, for all of your love and help the past two days.


Salzwedel Family said...

In my head I hear the song playing "What a man. What a man. What a man. What a Mighty Good Man"...

bbbunch said...

What a sweetie! I have one of those here too...I have been sick (though this is more like a 1st trimester thing ;) and he has been taking care of everything! My house is not clean really...don't get me wrong - he does the best he can and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him for it! The best part is that he doesn't get upset with me because I didn't even come downstairs after school yesterday. He just brought everything to me...they are keepers, aren't they?

ManyBlessings said...

Feel better soon there girlie.

And what a blessing of a guy you have. :)


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the song:

I think it was produced by Wyclef...