Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hattie cracked the code!

Our Miss Paloma is

Here is her reaction to most meals:

'Picky' alone is troublesome. But she's picky with a small appetite, which is even more troubling to us. She's a teeny tiny thing who could quite happily go without food for long stretches of time. It worries me; it absolutely freaks the daylights out of our food-happy Mister.

Mealtimes are a struggle with Paloma. Often times, you'll find the Mister or I following her about the house with a spoonful of food, hoping to sneak it into her mouth so maybe something will stick to her ribs.

You know, the stuff
the parenting books
tell you to

But I'm willing to bet that those authors never had a Paloma.

But yesterday and today so far, Paloma ate like a champ.

How did we do it?

We didn't; Hatfield and her incredible imagination did!

Hattie went ahead and named Paloma's food.
At last night's dinner,
the brown rice was Cody;
the fish Bob;
the petite corn Larry.

Paloma had a field day gobbling it up. ALL up.

Thank you, Hatfield, for your divine ability to think outside the box!

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Anonymous said...

Quote from Paloma "Dad is trying to make me plump".


PS- Can you imagine how scared the Veggie Tales dudes are? "Larry, she's coming after me. Help!!"