Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Morning in Review

As difficult as February '09 has been (discouraging adoption news, VomitFest '09, never-ending winter doldrums), it is ending on an upbeat note.

This morning we learned that a meeting about our files is scheduled at the USCIS for next Thursday. I don't expect much to instantly come out of the meeting (the USCIS is notorious for saying, "Thanks! You'll hear from us," without ever indicating a timeframe.) But, progress is progress. The people involved in the situation have been working nonstop on our behalf. We can't get the boys home without an initial meeting, after all.

I cannot begin to explain the sense of peace and confidence I feel in the midst of this situation. "Freeing" doesn't fully describe it. We are moving forward and proceeding with life as it should be. Our boys will be home, no doubt. We'll live life as we should in the meanwhile.

We're busting our tails in homeschool, cementing plans for a few family trips and diligently planning our garden beds. It's a good feeling.

Even more exciting, today Mr. Fed Ex guy (and we have a cute Fed Ex guy, too!) will be delivering my new camera today! Whoohoo! So while the Mister is out dominating on the volleyball court this evening, I'm going to be reading my new camera manual.

Because I actually read manuals.
In detail.
With a hi-liter.

I'm a dork like that.

Right now, though, the kids are playing happily in the family room. Both Hattie and Atticus have friends over, because the public schools are off today. Paloma is at an age where she plays right in there with them, and I'm loving it!

So while the kids are playing, I'm making a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Mr. Earl across the street. The Mister was out of town all week, and Mr. Earl was my Driveway Hero this morning. He plowed his way over with his Snow Blower and cleared out our driveway for us. It was the first time he ever did that, and I am so thankful.

Of course, this all happened within moments of me telling--okay, complaining, to my friend Melanie about how, despite the fact that ALL of our neighbors have snow blowers, no one ever helps out when the Mister is out of town. They'll have their driveways cleared out in 5 minutes flat and wave to me on their way inside their cozy homes, while I'm out there by my lonesome shovelling all that snow with the Mister's broken snow shovel. Pay no mind to the fact that they are retired and have nothing to do, while I have a 3-year old banging on the storm door, crying because some injustice befell her while I was out there shoveling. Nope, in the past they'd just wave and race inside, lest they miss a whole 10 minutes of the Today Show.

So the cookies are my silent mea culpa.

And if I'm honest, the cookies are symbolic of my future hope that he'll be that kind again, the next time the Mister is out of town.

Honesty is not always pretty.
But in this case, it tastes pretty good.


bbbunch said...

Awww...nice neighbors are the best. You should live closer to us because Beau does our neighbors (plural my dear) driveways ALL the time (even though some of them HAVE working snowblowers...and teenage children!) I often wondered that too. A man 2 doors down has an attached plow on his truck. I watched him once plow out about 6 driveways on our street (people I found out later who never even met him before) and he waved at me while I was shoveling with my van running with my newborn inside. Sigh. Cookies are a good thing though, aren't they? Last week while at the neighbors house, Bella helped clean their playroom and the next day came a bag of fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies with a thank you note for Miss Bella. Child labor + free yummy cookies = one happy prego mama! I'm glad there is progress...still in our daily prayers!

Love ya,
The Bunch

mama bear said...

A great way to end the week! I hope Thursday brings good news for you.

Anonymous said...

Shoveling the driveway- another reason for us to move somewhere where the tempurature is hot but my wife is still hotter.


Sarah & Crew said...

Tempurature. . . that's Chamorro, right?

Anonymous said...

That's right, make fun of the minority where English is his third language (right after...well, um....two other languages....I'll name them soon).


|>-| (does that even look like a cocktail glass?)