Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Encouragement

I love listening to Joyce Meyer each day. I like her upfront attitude. She calls people on their actions and attitudes, herself included. She doesn't mince words, and she certainly tells it like it is. Very rare are the times where I don't have at least one lightbulb moment while listening to her podcasts.

This morning, I've been listening to Day 5 of the series, "Don't Complain!" The effect her words have had on me this past week has been profound.

This parable, which she used this morning, clocked me right in the head:

Your son comes up to you on Tuesday morning. "Mom, my shoes are too small and have a hole in them. Will you please get me new shoes?"

"All right, son," you say, "I'll take you shopping Saturday morning for new shoes."

Two hours later, he asks again. You remind him again, on Saturday.

Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening, Thursday morning. Again and again your son asks.

Friday morning comes, "Mom, my feet are cold and are on the ground and really cold and I wanna know when we're getting my shoes."

"Son! I'm working on it! I've got a plan, and I'm working on it. We'll get them Saturday morning!" you say in frustration.

"But come on! I don't understand why I don't already have my new shoes yet."

Instead of complaining about it, we should be giving thanks to God that Saturday is coming! What good does griping do over and over again? Or asking over and over again like a petulant child? He knows our hearts. He knows our minds.

Complaining will weaken us, but praising will strengthen us. Focusing on the negative only invites more negative. Focusing on the positive will raise our spirits and allow us to grow strong. When we ask God for something, He is faithful and is working on our behalf. We may not see it, but we must believe it.

What God call us to do, He equips us to do.

Whatever kind of situation He puts you in,
He gives us the grace and ability to do it with a good attitude.

If you are trying to fix something that isn't your job, then you are not standing in line for a miracle. I'm finally beginning to have a grasp on the often thrown-around phrase, "Let Go and Let God."

Why wouldn't I believe that God will be faithful in the promise to bring our boys home? He has always been faithful to me in the past. I have been in some very tough and painful spots in the past 18 months. Situations which I thought which no good could come from. Situations where at times, I was certain I was alone in my agony and my pleas were falling on deaf ears.

But you know what? God saw me through. He took what was damaged and broken and made it Stronger and More Resilient and More Beautiful than I could EVER imagine.

There have been victories in the past.
And victory is surely to come.
Our Saturday is coming.
Praise God.


Salzwedel Family said...

I LOVE Joyce Meyer. Thank you for sharing this encouragement.

small town girl said...

I love Joyce! I just posted one of her books on my "shelf" at Shelfari, since I'm right in the middle of reading it.

You are so right, this thing hones us into (dare I say it? Finer human beings, whether we like it or not!) if we allow it, if we take that path. It's a tough road for sure.

Love your new 'green and blue' One of my favorite color combos!

Janet said...

I love this post! I am reading Joyce Myers on smalltowngirls book shelf and discovering so much! God is good and faithful and he will bring your boys home!