Monday, February 23, 2009

500th Post!

As I logged onto 5FC, I was stunned to realize that this would be my 500th post! Who knew I was so self-absorbed I could actually think of over 500 things I felt others just must know about moi?

I started my blog to chronicle our lives, for the sake of ourselves and our out-of-state family. I'm not certain that any long distance family reads it, but it sure has been wonderful befriending so many of you who do! Throw in our struggles through an international adoption and family crises, add on top of that decimated vacuum cleaners, rat-bastard squirrels and occasional tirades against local tv stations, and there you have it: the life and times of the 5 Frozen Chamorros.

Where are we today? Well, if I had a camera, these are some of the things you would see chronicled from the past week:

- The trillion loads of laundry still piled up in front of the washing machine, courtesy of VomitFest '09.

- Our Hattie competing in a Piano Federation where she played a grand piano in a huge, majestic, old stone church sanctuary.

- Atticus rocking an incredible Justin Timberlake impression while dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies. Because after all, what lady doesn't want a good looking guy who can throw down some fresh moves?

- Paloma asleep on the floor of the cold and creepy basement closet, next to a lit up flashlight, because some children forgot they were playing Hide and Seek while in the middle of the game.

- The Mrs. running around the house, screaming and frantic, because Paloma is NOWHERE to be found and visions of a sock-less child running down snow-covered streets in 5 degree temps race through her Mommy Brain. (Don't worry, we found her in the closet.)

- The 3 dismantled bathroom drains, courtesy of the Mister. He went to unclog ONE sink. Two hours later, add 2 more in as collateral damage. Soon to come: a Plumbing Contract for the man.

- The puppy eating play-dough and saying, "Yo quiero Taco Bell." (Well, not really, but together with the Mrs., they make a damn good ventriloquist team.)

Boy, I bet you're all REALLY wishing I had a camera!

So what's to come in the next 500 posts? Hopefully 2 new little boys. Maybe another kid or two? But no more dogs! A couple road trips. A bigger garden. Oh, and a post celebrating the Mister's decision to become a vegan!

Just kidding on that last one.

But you already knew that, didn't you?


Anonymous said...

Vegan stands for "vegetable and meat man". Why say in 4 words what can be said in one?

Happy 500th blogpost. You should reward yourself with a digital SLR to take pics that match your prose.

-Mr. Proud

Sarah & Crew said...

Let me guess. . .you hold a degree from U.W.?

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't be so condescending. I thought I could fool someone with a UPS degree (no joke folks, her degree is from big brown....)

:) Mr. I-still-love-you

Sarah & Crew said...

Remember that comment you wrote when you were feeling SO COOL because you caught a typo in my post, only to then Incorrectly Spell a word in your 'ha ha you wrote the wrong word!' comment?

I do.

small town girl said...

Congrats on your 5oo the post! Please continue to be self absorbed as I check everyday for my daily dose! Really, I resisted blogging for a long time because I thought 'who cares what I think?' but the adoption was sure to drive me crazy, so it was started out of self preservation and also away to communicate with my far-away family who don't read it so much. But it has actually taught me alot on so many levels, and plus, I got to "know" so many other people. And not feel so isolated in this adoption experience. I also decided I would not go private because if it influenced or helped someone who was adopting, and particularly from Haiti, that was really the point right there.

A couple of weeks ago I got a comment and then a series of emails from a single mom in Atlanta who is adopting (super-independently) thru a lawyer in Haiti. She thanked me for my blog and for remaining positive (which I was not aware I was doing) and to me, that validated my self-centeredness at least to a degree. Anyway the whole point is, I think it's importatant after all that we use our voices. We have something to say, and sometimes, there is someone out there that needs to hear it. So keep it up. And I agree with your husband. Go get your camera. I did without one for quite a few years while my boys were growing up and it has seriously been one of my biggest regrets in life.