Saturday, February 28, 2009

4:31 p.m. on Friday

What were you doing at 4:31 pm on Friday?

Here's what we were doing,
evidenced by the photos I took
while attempting to learn
my new camera.
I owe Small Town Girl a
HUGE Thank You for her comment,
which got me off my duff and onto! Thank you,
Small Town Girl!

Atticus and Dominic were playing.

Paloma was chillaxing.

Who's with me on thinking that "Chillaxing" is
the most stupid word

out there in the blogger world?
I tried to use it so I could feel hip,
but to type it was like running my finger nails on a chalkboard.

I should get one of those sidebar blinkies.
Chillaxing: Don't Use It!

Hatfield was playing Artist Extraordinaire.

Her masterpiece!

I made whole wheat pizza dough for our pizza and calzone.

Atticus attempted a picture of moi making whole wheat pizza dough.

On the last Friday of every month, you will find the Mister here, finishing his inventory.

The Last Friday of Every Month=
1 Crabby Patty Mister (I still love you though, babe!)

Although my 4 Seasons Wine Box arrived at that moment,
which made it way easier for me
to deal with Mr. Crabby Patty.

But look! A short while later he was finished and back to his happy self!

And the girls were returning from their Cookie Delivery Mission.

What were you doing at 4:31 on Friday?


Anonymous said...

I should know better than to be grumpy around my wife, especially when she has a camera. If you could only have seen the unflattering pics (not that these photos were great, but worst exists!). She showed great mercy in not showing the bad pics.

From now on, I'm chillaxing around my wife!


mama bear said...

I was washing mountains of clothes smelling of vomit, and helping the hubby pack for Haiti. He leaves tomorrow!!

small town girl said...

Great photos of everyone! That Poma Cruz....methinks you might have a lifetime of a handful right there, lol! It sorta shines thru her photos.

So, being nosy...what did you end up getting? I told you I also have an HP and after a mere 3000 pictures is showing some signs of wear....

Anonymous said...

Sarah got some sort of Canon....