Thursday, January 22, 2009

When the Mister's Away . . .

When the Mister's away, the Mrs. is guaranteed that at least two appliances will become inoperable until he returns home to fix it.

Sigh. It's true.

So yesterday my computer was wonky ALL day. Did you notice how my last two 5FC posts were eaten? I have NO idea where they went. I have NO idea why it won't scan. I have NO idea why the cd-rom won't work. Arrrgh.

And then, come evening time, my washing machine AGAIN stopped spinning. So everything sat soaked in the bottom of the machine. Gross. Desperate, I decided to unplug the darn thing for a good hour. I plugged it back in and it worked, but I'm skeptical as to how long that will last.

So this is my test blog. Should it still be on my blog the next time I log in, I will attempt a post. Otherwise, bear with me until the Mister returns home from San Francisco.


Sawatzky Kids said...

LOL!! It is still here! :)
I was wondering what was happening because my side bar of updated blogs was showing updates for you guys but when I came to check them out they were nowhere to be found!
Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

small town girl said...

Ok, I wondered what was going on with your blog. I was able to read your post about the camera but when I posted a comment, it went crazy and the whole site dissapeared forever after. Hope that does not mean it was my fault! LOL.

About the camera...I bought Nick an 8 megapixel Olympus with it's own rechargable battery (like a cell phone) for $89.00 for Christmas. Before that they had a Nikkon Cool Pix, same megas, same price, but they ran out so that is how he got the Olympus instead. Cool Pix is famous for the short flash time between pics.

I also have an HP that I got just before my first Haiti trip. It has worked hard and I have just about worn it out in less than two years. Not sure how much time I have left...good luck! And yes you need a new one before you go to get those boys!

small town girl said...

I forgot to tell you I got his camera, and saw the Nikkon, at Sam's Club.