Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Welcomed Year

Some years I'm sad to see end, but I feel perfectly content in closing the door on 2008 to welcome in 2009. Feeling exhausted and unmotivated in the last week of 2008, it was nice to wake up and feel a sense of 'let's get things done.' Of course ushering in a nasty virus bug along with the New Year has slowed me down some in that department, but I'll take the newly upbeat perspective I feel, all from merely flipping a calendar page.

With a new year comes new hope, and the amount of hope I feel today is surreal. This morning I checked an adoption board for our orphanage which I rarely, if ever, check. Our O director had posted a Year End Update List on where everyone is in process. The first group was titled:

A List of the Dossiers at USCIS, submitted on December 26th for Visa Approval, with Passports Ready and Medicals Completed (these children are supposed to come home this month, January 2009).

Our boys were in that group.

Surreal. For the past 2 years, I have been seeing lists like these. And we've never been at the top. It's been a long, slow, painful climb. And, in truth, we should have been on the top of that list in July, but as we all know, things happen. And boy, did they happen with our files.

But this morning was the first time where my eyes saw a list, written by the director, with my boys at the front of the line.


Now, I KNOW that these boys will not be home this month. We don't have DNA results in. The Embassy is a little on the Nutzo-Gonzo side of the Mason Dixie line right now. I KNOW that the words "this month" do not actually refer to January, 2009, but more likely February or March of 2009. Maybe even later.

But, today, that does not diminish my hope. For today, I feel the excitement that this is the year my boys are coming home.

Last night at dinner, the Mister commented that when people ask him about the process, he tells them that we are getting to the point where not much can go wrong anymore.

"Don't say that!" Becky and I proclaimed, in unison, lest that should somehow jinx us.

There is plenty that could still go wrong. Dreadfully wrong. Plenty.

But for right now, I'm holding onto hope. This morning, my eyes saw my fellas at the top of that list.

Not much longer, my boys.

Not much longer.

(My friend Leanne took the photos in Dec. 2008. She told them that their Mama wanted to see their picture, and they smiled right away. Thank you Leanne!)


Salzwedel Family said...

I'm with you that one - so long 2008, you were not my friend. This is the year for your boys!!! Hooray!

small town girl said...

I was so happy to see your boys at the top of the list! Yes, progress!

small town girl said...

Whoops, forgot to say, love the T-shirt! And the photos are GREAT!

Me said...

Ah, such welcome news. Can't wait to hear that those boys are home!

Tracy said...

You are soooo close...what a feeling it must be!!! What adoption board do you check? We are using celebrate children too, but I didn't know where you went to get that update? :) Can't wait to see what day you get to travel!

A Blessed Life said...

You are so welcome!
You guys are truly in the home stretch. I can hardly wait to see those homecoming pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to my wonderful wife. Here's to a big year, which will include two boys (finally) coming home, all of our children getting bigger and growing up, and limiting yourself to three or four jobs only! (super parent, teacher, animal shelter supervisor, and maybe one other role).

You are a lovely person and our family is the better for it.

=Mr. Humble

bbbunch said...

YAY! I've decided that the theme for 2009 is going to be Hope. After all...Hope Won, right? Anything can happen!


blessedfamily said...

Yaaay! Progress!!! So wonderful to read that your boys are progressing.

Happy New Year! Can't wait to read about their home coming for it will be very soon!


Crystal said...

It is about friggin time you are at the top of the list. I am excited for you. This is fantastic news. Can't wait to see the homecoming unfold.

Leslie said...

So excited for you! Praying that for you to get happy news sooner than expected, for once!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope they are home soon!

The Dohrenwends... said...

I too saw that your boys were at the top of the list!!! SO exciting...You guys so deserve this wonderful news!