Saturday, January 17, 2009

The News that Never Came

Well, folks, Saturday morning is here, and no news ever came this week.


Monday is a federal holiday, so USCIS/Consulate will be closed, turning the 2-day weekend into a dreaded 3-day weekend.

I suppose I could look at the 3-day weekend as a 3-day break from obsessing about the big "V" word.

But let's get honest. It's just 3 more days for me to obsess and worry about what could go wrong, with no hope of me getting the news that could save me from that worry on those 3 days.

The boys' bedroom is a HUGE mess. As is Hatfield's, who has saved little scraps of paper and junk dating back to kindegarten which has now has morphed into the Monster In Her Closet. I am irritated. My children don't know it yet, but today I am hosting a family meeting about putting things back in their place. Or risk it going into Mom's Confiscation Box. Ask the Mister how many neckties ended up in the Confiscation Box in a 2-week period before he realized 1) he had no wearable ties left and 2) it's quite easy to hang them up where they belong.

When Mama means business, Mama means business. Even if it means you have to wear your grey Wolf in a forest landscape tie, straight outta the late 80s', that you won in a White Elephant Christmas Exchange.

The boys' room has two huge closets. One side is for Atticus' hanging clothing, shelves which house things like swimsuits/towels, sweaters, and floor space for his rolling laundry hamper.

The other side is for our Dynamic Duo. Right now, only summer clothing is hanging in their closet. Because I thought, waaaaaayyyyy back there on July 3rd when they got out of MOI, that I would have them home in summer.

I've never had the heart to take down that summer clothing. But do I dare take it down and hang up winter clothing?

It's -14 degrees here today. That's pretty damn cold. Shorts are a poor option.

I'm just scared somehow that if I hang up winter clothing, I'm guaranteeing their arrival next summer.

Ye of little faith, that's me. Sorry, God. I'm trying here. Big time. But struggling even bigger.

Also, I have an entire box of 3T clothing that I need to purge. Because no one is wearing 3T anymore. And a ginormous bucket of shoes, because those litte 7's and 8's are no longer needed.

But, it is -14 degrees here today. I guess that is a prime opportunity to kick some serious closet butt this morning.

Preparing is a sign of optimism, right? Of faith that they'll be home soon?

Maybe it's just what I need to do for a change of heart. Heaven help me.


ManyBlessings said...

No words of wisdom here. Just lots of prayers.

small town girl said...

It's darkest before the dawn. And hard to believe in anything, when you've been to Hell and back. But they are coming home. Soon. I feel it.

Can we have an online party when you get the news???

bbbunch said...

Thanks Sarah...your new little "patience" thing at the top now has Guns and Roses going through my head!!! I MUCH preferred Bob Marley :) Love ya!