Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Morning Announcement


The DNA results are back.

And they're a match.

Can I get one huge HALLEJULAH!!!!

But wait!

It gets better.


The DNA results were back on December 24th. And emailed to the Embassy.

The reason the Orphanage Director brought our file in on the 26th because the Embassy requested it.

The Embassy requested it because they had our DNA results and were ready to process our file. They were being proactive and prepared. The government. Now that is surreal.

This morning, the Orphanage Director told our beloved Sara E. that she was just waiting for the Consulate to email her our Visa appointment date/time.


This is a LOT to process. In all honesty, I don't expect any of this to go smoothly. Missing paperwork, additional requests, etc. . . I'm prepared for.

So right now, we still have no clue when that appointment will be. Or when we'll be travelling to get the boys.

BUT, I do know that this is the LAST STEP. No matter what they request of us, it will all be done in an effort to fulfill the contingencies of this LAST STEP.

We are *nearly* there.

And I was not prepared for this sort of news this morning. I never thought I'd be singing and dancing and crying tears of joy around my kitchen this morning.

But I'll tell ya, I'm liking this feeling Big Time.

2 years ago on Valentine's Day, Cliff and I made the decision to adopt these two little boys.

We laughed, we cried and we toasted them over our Valentine's Dessert, which we shared, just the two of us, after our children here were in bed.

We would love nothing more than to have them home by Valentine's Day. Please, we covet everyone's prayers and best wishes and good thoughts and finger crossings at this time. We're nearly there!


Jenn said...

FINALLY!!! Can't wait for these little guys to be home!

Jenn said...

FINALLY!!! Can't wait for these little guys to be home!

Salzwedel Family said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a huge hallelujah. They are coming home SOON!

Amanda said...

Whooo Hoooo! That's AWESOME!!!!

blessedfamily said...

Wahooo!!1 Hallelujah! You're soo very close!

Me said...

Oh yay! I'm so happy to hear this news!!

This Mama said...

AWESOME news...just so good to hear!!

bbbunch said...

YAY!!! Way to start off the New YEAR!!!


Melanie said...

ok...i thought the rule was no making me cry at work ;-) Yeah! I'm so so so very happy for you all!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

This is some of the best news I have heard in a long time!!!!!


Leslie said...

Congratulations--that is fantastic news for a Monday morning!!

Katy said...

YES, YES, YES!!!!! PLEASE LORD, I can't WAIT to see these babies HOME!!!

geralyn said...

Oh, I am so jealous. We are waiting for our kids' DNA testing to come back...hopefully any day now. Congrats on your almost complete adoption.

small town girl said...

HURRAY!!! That is so totally awesome! Get ready, they are finally coming home!

Brent and Lori said...

Found your blog through Geralyn's. This is fabulous news! Congrats! It's wonderful when families finally complete the gauntlet of Haitian adoption!

Two points for the Lord! :)

Brent and Lori said...

Yeah! Congratulations! It's fabulous to see forward progress in the gauntlet of Haitian adoption!

Two Points for the Lord!

(I found your blog through Geralyn's blog)

Adventures of A n Z said...

A Big WOOO HOOO for you and your family. I have my fingers crossed for you.!


Steph, G's Mom said...

OMG That is FAB!!! You have sure been thru the ringer at the end of this one. Wouldn't a valentine's day homecoming be something??? although I do hope it's sooner than that!!!


Sawatzky Kids said...

WooooooHooooooooo!!! :):):):):):)
So happy to hear this news Sarah!!!!
Shelly and crew

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!THAT ROCKS!!!GOD IS WORKING IN YOUR LIFE BIG TIME!!!We wish you all the best and hope this last step goes FAST!!!

Tracy said...

WOW, your post brought tears to my eyes!!! Amazing! You must be on cloud nine!!!!

Debbie said...

One big Hallelujah is right!! Praying them home baby!! We are so happy for you guys. I can feel it!!

ManyBlessings said...


Maggie Mae said...

Sarah, we have been praying like crazy for you all! We are so excited to have two new nephews in the family! Please keep us posted! We love you!
...on a side note. I hope your gathering went well. I also wish you the best in your next one. Unfortunately, I am going to be in Chicago, and won't be able to attend. I definitely would like to learn more though. I'll talk to you soon!