Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little Step into the 21st Century (with a Flashback Big Enough to Pull Me Out)

I just fell into the 21st century a bit and ordered one of these:

Isn't she cute? At first, I had my heart set on pink, because Pink is My Signature Color. But, AT&T doesn't have Pink. Sprint does. And I'm not so hot on Sprint because their monthly plans were too rich for my blood. So, I settled chose Thriftiness Over My Signature Color and settled for blue.

What a pretty, shimmery icy blue. Like Queen Frostine in Candy Land (can you guess that I have a 3-year old?)

So since I don't have a camera, I typed in Queen Frostine in Google Images. No photo of Frostine came up, but you know whose picture actually did?

Laura Palmer!
(Creepy. huh? Still scares the Be-Jeepers right outta me!)

Man, I was the HUGEST Twin Peaks Fan (oops, I mean NERD) on the planet when I was in high school.

Remember when it was Super Cool to make Audio Cassette Tapes
of all your favorite songs for your friends?

Well, when I was in High School, I made a Super Cool Dubbed Tape for my friend, Arthur. Arthur who lived in Florida but attended Georgetown. Long Story there, folks. I won't make you suffer.

On the tape I made for him, I dubbed bits and pieces from this:

in between the songs for him.

He had NEVER heard of Twin Peaks prior to that.
He thought I was so awesome and original.

Really, I was just a big nerd.

Either way, I turned him into one HUGE Twin Peaks junkie.

In fact, I do believe that Arthur actually credited Dale Cooper for his decision to become Buddhist. And the last thing I ever heard about Arthur was that he was somewhere in Europe on a 6-month Buddhist retreat.

Twin Peaks, folks.
Now that's some life changin' stuff.

I TOLD you I was a nerd.

But now I'm a nerd with an icy blue cell phone. And I'm just betting you're jealous, now.


Jenn said...

Sadly I too was a Twin Peaks nerd. I loved that show...

Anonymous said...

You weren't the nerd, maybe Arthur was. Anyways, he was at least not-so-bright if he chose to go to Europe. I would have (and did) decided to be with you, only you, and no one else but you.

Twin Peaks is really cool- we should get the episodes on DVD (I tried once to watch the videotapes we have of the series but the sound/images aren't as....crisp as they once were).


small town girl said...


Welcome to the 21st century, that's a pretty cool phone! Mine is not that fancy but...don't be is PINK!

This Mama said...

Rob was a HUGE fan of the show. I have never seen it. He has them on VHS but I am not sure what good that does us. Maybe we should try renting them....hmmmmm. Thanks for the distraction :)

bbbunch said...

I can't believe they didn't have "blush" or "bashful" - shame shame shame! Icy blue will just HAVE to do (imagine me saying these things with a southern accent!)

I'm glad you have a cell.......................................................................................................FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Team Hellyer said...

I just recently got that same phone (mine's army green) and I am sooo in love with it! I never used to text msg anyone before because I just couldn't handle pushing the buttons to try and find the letters. It always ended up being easier to just call the person. But with that QWERTY it's a whole new world! I think I can honestly say that the ease of texting has even brought a new bit of spice into my relationship with my hubby! Who doesn't love getting random "I love you" notes? :-)