Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Nearly Comical

Many thanks to all of you kind enough to put up with my huge adoption tantrum and encouraging me with your support and empathy. Some of you really nailed it with the simple statement: This sucks.

Today, I wish I had better news than this breaking news break:

The suckiness continues.

It's so sucky that it's nearly comical.

Except it's not comical, because I'm living it.

Yesterday, our agency inquired about our orphanage's files with the kind woman at USCIS. Miraculously, USCIS then approved and released those files.

Except ours was not among them.

It's not that ours is being denied. At least that we know of. It's just that it hasn't been approved.

I'm not upset that others were approved. I'm thrilled for them because it means those kids are nearly home!!! But it is killing me that our file wasn't bunched in with all of them.

I can almost recognize the comical nature of this entire situation. OF COURSE our files weren't in the group approved! No matter that our files are the oldest in the bunch, because timelines don't matter to the USCIS. No matter that we have DNA results. Our files were not released. Why? That would be TOO EASY. That would make TOO MUCH SENSE. That would have been THE RIGHT THING for USCIS to do.

So, this morning, I emailed USCIS to ask for an update. Hoping that they will see my email and send me back a "You're approved!" email.

I would tell you how many times I have checked my email in the interim. Except I don't know how to count that high.

"Sucky" is the Word of the Day.
Sucky, sucky, sucky, suck.

Honestly, I should be up for the "Most Inspiring" (since all I do is complain) or "Most Articulate" (since I've perfected the use of the large and scholarly words, like "sucky") of "Most Nearly Comical but Not Really" Blog Award somewhere on line. Or maybe "Most Often Tantruming Over Things Out of Her Control." That has a nice ring to it.

Sucky, sucky, sucky, suck.


purplepeotone said...

I feel for you Sarah! I thought we were out of IBESR, but we weren't. Then I thought we were in Parquet, we weren't, then I thought we were in MOI, we weren't. Now I THINK we are in MOI, but still can't get an MOI # from the O director. I THINK the birth parent interview was done, but can't get confirmation on that. And L should be in IBESR, but who knows. I am also FAR behind everyone in my "group"..and I really think the O director doesn't like me...that there is a reason for this...I wonder "why us?"...why "W"...Your posts have been how I feel lately. I am praying for you and your boys. I feel the stress from this taking years off my life. I HOPE you get good news soon!!

This Mama said...

oh it sucks - bigtime...
I hope you hear news by the weekend,
I really do.

Take care,

small town girl said...

I think you will get faster results thru your agency inquiry. I could give you my latest saga with them and extending my I-600 but I will spare you the details. Let me just say they sent me an email confirmation of my extension almost 3 weeks after the fact. (Which is about par with the office in Atlanta, FYI.)

I do so hope and pray that this will get resolved soon and those sweet boys will be on their way home to you. And thanks for keeping us updated.

I am truly sorry about how badly all of this SUCKS. I think your blog award could be about how many times we can use the 'suck' word in perfect context on your blog. We can help you win this award!

Katy said...

One more thing....bless your heart for being genuinely happy for those other families that have their babies home or close to it when it should have been you first....I think you have the right to be jealous, but you are celebrating. I definitely hope God rewards your love soon....

Me said...

I have not checked in here in a few days. Sorry it's been such a bad week. "Our" mom (my biological and your adopted mother) called me this morning to check on me. Once we finished discussing my problems she said, "And poor Sarah is having such a rough time." I have a sister named Sarah so I assumed that's the Sarah we were talking about and asked, "Why? What's going on with her?" She replied, "Oh, she's having all kinds of problems with USCIS too." It took me a minute to figure out she was talking about you. It was kind of funny-I think she really has adopted you. Hang in there! I'm sorry this is so...sucky!