Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Dear Mrs.

Hello to All,

I’m the Mr., Sarah’s hubby, and I was able to get permission to do today’s blog entry.
Today is a special day because it’s Sarah’s birthday!!!

I wanted to write an entry because I thought this would be the best way to tell the world about my wonderful wife. Most of the blog entries talk about the kids, about the adoption, and about our family’s life. Not enough, not nearly enough is ever spent on how incredible Sarah is. Probably the best way to introduce her best qualities is to attempt a brief synopsisof our first meeting.

We first had an epistolary acquaintance- connected through a mutual friend and a slow and careful approach from both of us. Her writing, of course, bowled me over and I would read her emails over and over. After a couple of months of constant emails, we called each other and helped keep AT&T very profitable for a couple of more months. I even took a trip to Spain and spent the entire time thinking about Sarah and how much fun the trip would be with her there (and I wrote to her via good ol’ snail mail!). By all definitions, we had a liking of each other mentally first. We’d seen pictures of each other but, of course, pictures don’t always accurately represent who you are talking to.

Our first blind date, when I flew into a nearby city and we met up for our first face-to-face meeting, began with her knocking on my hotel door. Don’t think of any naughty ideas- I was there for work and had a roommate. Sarah was picking me up and, when the door first opened, I was floored by the most brilliant blue hue I’d ever seen in a pair of eyes. I don’t remember much of what was said, but I felt my heart explode and couldn’t stop looking and smiling at this beautiful woman who had already won me over with her intelligence. Right there, right then, I knew I wanted to marry her. Of course, I had to keep quiet about that and speak as little as I could- the less I said, the less likely it was that I would disqualify myself and scare her off!

What did I learn that first night? Sarah is beautiful. She has powerful blue eyes. She has an awesome body (which isn’t required but, wow, what a bonus!), and she is humble about it all- which makes her even more attractive. Beyond that, and what initially perked my interest in her, was what she shared in her emails and calls early on in our getting to know each other. I found out about her commitment to family, the huge amount of love she had for Hattie, and her unselfish devotion to living according to her principles. Walking around Chicago during that first date, I could see the vibrant personality I had heard at a distance- not only saying what she felt, but amplifying it with how she spoke and carried herself. If she thought something was beautiful, you could see it her reaction- the way her eyes lit up, the way her voice changed. If she talked about something important to her, the passion was unmistakable in her tone and manner. She was alive, a beautiful spark of a woman, and she had a beautiful tone that emanated from within and accented the lovely features of her face.

From that time onward, I was in love with her. I was in love with her compassion, the strength of her love, which I was able to win despite several (now humorous, then not so humorous) mishaps, and for the bettering of my life, I jumped at the chance to remove myself from the world I loved and spend the balance of whatever time I have on earth with this woman who has been nothing less than extraordinary.

I can see this is going long, and it’s probably pointless and disorganized (I can only shudder at the thought of her impression of my lack o’ skill in the words department), so I’ll end it. But, please know this- I wish my wife a happy birthday and thank her for the life she has given and shared with me. Our family and world is a gift that is all the more lovely because she has had a hand in it all and I devote the rest of my life (which, for her, is a long long long time!) to adoring Sarah and trying to be worthy of her affection.

Happy Birthday, Sarah. I love you with respect, admiration, and an appreciation of the family and life we have together.

-The Mr.


small town girl said...

Awesomely awesome post. Thank you for sharing that. Although I have not met Sarah in person I know from her blog and her emails that she is all that you say she is.I consider her my friend even though we have never met! I think you must be a great guy because if you were not you would not write a post like this. And secondly, you snagged Sarah, so you must be a great guy.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

bbbunch said...

Cliff...that was beautifully said :) Sarah...happy birthday to one of my very best friends! I hope you have much cake for breakfast and a lovely family day afterward! You are so special, and it is really touching to hear it from your Mr.

Love you!

This Mama said...

What a wonderful post Cliff - and your right her writing is fantastic and her personality just bursts from this blog. Happy Birthday Sarah - I hope you had good one!!...and Cliff you are a great writer as well, I am constantly laughing (in a good way) at the little interactions between Sarah and you on this blog. Both of you are wonderful.

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

This is your week and hopefully mine!

Sarah & Crew said...

Awww, Mr., you flatter me. I'm blushing here. But seriously, I'm wondering if it was quite possible you were recalling an event in a prior life? Because I certainly don't remember be charming, attractive and vivacious. I distinctly recall feeling nervous, trying not to sweat or giggle too much, and and suffering from a terribly case of being tongue-tied.

You have me forever, my dear. I adore you :)

ManyBlessings said...

That is THE NICEST post! Happy birthday Sarah!!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Lovely post!!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to one of my fellow 1975' truly was a stellar year.

Katy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!