Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Mister!

Happy, Happy Birthday to the Mister!

He is officially now on the fast track to 40.

But no fear, because like a fine wine, he gets better every year (I can hear the groans on the positively cheezy cliche, but my Mister loves the cheezy humor, so I can promise you he is loving it.)

But older, not necessarily too much wiser, because despite the Contract I made him sign, the guy recently broke my carpet shampooer.

But that's Okay.

No matter what appliances he may decimate,
we are SOOO lucky to have the Mister
as the Husband and Father in our Home.

The Mister is: generous, kind, loving, funny, silly, witty, charming, handsome, determined, easy going, and serving. He's a self sacrificing, hard working, kayak tipping, vacuum decimating, Paloma spoiling, bread baking ninja who never complains about anything. Ever. (Well, nothing except for the new puppy)

I'm embarrassing you, Mister, aren't I?

Well, too bad, because there's more!

The Mister has always been and will always be my knight in shining armor (even if he breaks vacuum cleaners left and right.) Our Pastor often preaches that he feels Joseph is the Bible's unsung hero, because Joseph was a man who raised a child who wasn't his, but LOVED that child with everything he had and RAISED that child as his OWN.

I always choke up during those sermons, and it takes every ounce of my strength not to stand up and announce, "My Cliff is my unsung hero too!" He loves all of our children the same. Sometimes, when recalling our children's births, he'll even mention details about Hattie's (which is funny, given that I had never met him yet.) But it just goes to show how deeply entrenched our beautiful girl is in our Mister's heart.

The Mister has many nice single friends, who like to joke about married men having turned in their Man Card. These fells like to regal their poor married friends with all sorts of talk about all the girls they meet in bars and how they lured them in with their manly man ways. Uh huh.

I'm sorry, nothing against these nice single guys, but any guy can get lucky every now and then at a bar. They've got nothing on my Mister, because:

A true man is one who supports a family of SEVEN (that's a lot of people!), all on his own.
A true man puts his all into raising his children to be good people.
A true man treats his wife like a Queen, even when he is tired and probably would like a little pampering himself.
A true man paints the same room countless times with countless hues of paint, and picks up countless tons of dog poop (it's a glamorous life).
A true man will sit on the floor for an hour and play doll house, talking in a high falsetto voice because that's how the dolly Goldilocks talks, just to please his 3-year old princess.

Last night, I had a gathering of lady friends over at my home. When all went home around 9:30, it was very dark and very cold and very icy. The Mister took everyone's car keys and warmed up all their cars. No one asked him to. He even found out where the two patches of black ice were and took the falls himself. Then he escorted everyone to their cars to ensure no one hurt themselves. That's the kind of guy my husband is.

I am so grateful to have this man as my partner and best friend. If this is over the top, I make no apologies. For the past 2 years, I feel like I've lived in an adoption-induced fog. No more. This year, I've committed to making sure that everyone I love knows how much I love them.

And who better to start with than my Mister?

Happy Birthday, baby. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words. Of course, I'm just trying to work my way into a position where I feel I deserve a wonderful woman like you. (Imagine the post I'd do singing your praises if you'd let me!!)

-Mr. Old

Sawatzky Kids said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Cliff!!!!!!!
I have no doubt that all these wonderful things are absolutely true plus all the many more that were not mentioned! You and Sarah are truly blessed to have one another.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Cliiffffff
Happy birthday to you!
Shelly and Shawn

This Mama said...

Happy Birthday Cliff!!

Tommy said...

To my Brother and Best Friend,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sarah is right you are a great man. I wish that we all could be closer so our families could grow up like we did (close and supportive). I am not to say I love you to the man who's been a brother to me. I couldn't never forget your b-day (because of Elvis) but Elvis is lucky to have it on the same day you do.

I wish you and your family the best and God Bless. Please give all the kid's our hugs and kisses from us.

Heather said...

Beautiful post about marital love!! It's wonderful to hear a wife sing praises to her husband.


Tracy said...

Looks like our "misters" share a bday! You're hubby sounds like one exceptional man!!! Happy bday!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Cliff!!

Everything Sarah said is true!! You're a great guy and you guys are truly blessed to have each other!! Hope you a had a great day!

The Pagel fam!!

bbbunch said...

I agree wholeheartedly about your Mister. I've met him (and tasted his bread), and by golly, you're right! Thank the Lord for our unsung heros!

Great post :) And once again, happy birthday Cliff to you...and Elvis :)

B&B and the Bunch