Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Flashback

In May, 2006, I was a

Wife to this handsome man (still am, of course) and Mama to this beautiful 7 year old girl.

In May 2006, my two oldest children were still little enough to happily take bubble baths together.

My 3 year old son was the only kid in his nursery school with a mohawk (look at how little my Atticus was!)

And I spent the great majority of my day trying to keep this toy-chompin', faster-than-lightning, born-without-the-fear-gene baldie alive.

I felt I was the luckiest woman on Earth because my husband, after being laid off, found an even better job, in my hometown. We moved 2 miles away from my mom into our beautiful home, which, to me, felt like an absolute mansion (still does!).

In May, 2006, I was also Mama to these two sweet, adorable 2-year old Haitian boys:
I just didn't know it yet.

Each and every morning in May, 2006, the Mister and I would drink a cup of this amazing, fantastic coffee:

The entire house would be bathed in the most heavenly coffee aroma on the planet.

This Friday morning, I am brewing the same coffee. And I am listening to Bob Marley's No Woman, No Cry over and over again, just to hear him assure me, Everything's gonna be all right.

And today, I feel warmly nostalgic and good. Cause you know what?

Everything's gonna be all right.


Anonymous said...

Two years ago, my wife looked the same as she does now- beautiful, fit, and a little too young for an old man like me.


bbbunch said...

Good song, great pictures...even greater people!

:) Beck

A Blessed Life said...

You've got a beautiful family and you're right - everything is gonna be alright. Those sweet boys ARE going to come home. I just know it.

Salzwedel Family said...

LOVE the flashback pictures! Yes, I believe that everything is gonna be all right. Praying for your boys (and your sanity).