Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeling SO thankful and relieved

This evening I received one of those phone calls that make your stomach knot and panic level rise.

My mister called me as I was putting Paloma to bed. "Hey, I was just in an accident. I rolled the van, I think," he said, sounding dazed.

I immediately and repeatedly asked if he was okay, and he assured me that he was fine. He sounded absolutely dazed though, and I was not at all convinced.

"I must have hit ice. . . I dunno. I'm pretty sure I rolled it. I remember feeling like I was upside down. I gotta call 911, though. I'm in the middle of f***ing nowhere," he said.

Now, my Mister rarely swears around me. Never the F word. He just doesn't. I can't think of 3 times when he's used the F word around me. But tonight he's in rural, heavily forested Upper Michigan.

It's truly in the middle of f***ing nowhere.

I spent 25 panicky minutes waiting to hear back from him after he got off to call the State Troopers for assistance. Concerned that he suffered a severe concussion and blacked out before he could call. The temp up there is 8 degrees, but with the windchill is -6 (which is exactly why I freak out whenever he travels up there an make him take along sleeping bags, hats, mittens, etc.). You can see all the awful scenarios my imagination was torturing me with during that wait.

Finally I heard from him and we talked until the State Trooper arrived. The snow in the ditch he was in was well above his knees. The front windshield is smashed, the front bumper in ruins, the roof damaged, and the passenger side beaten and bruised.

He's now on his way to a hotel in whatever small town closest to him has one. Motel, most likely, as even the Econolodge doesn't put hotels in the middle of the U.P's f***ing nowhere. But who cares, as long as it gets him off the road and into a warm, safe bed for the night.

The Mister, thankfully, is fine. And safe. Shaken, I think. But okay. I can't wait for him to get back home, safe and sound.

I'm still feeling shaken. Enough is enough. First Atticus and my accident, then Paloma's, and now the Mister's. If bad things happen in 3's, then I am claiming these 3 here and now. We've completed our share, now let's move on to accident-free living.


Debbie said...

I will be praying and claiming God's protection over you and your family. I will also be praying for God's favor over your family in all things.

Praying for you,

small town girl said...

Oh Dear!!! I'm glad he is OK! Enough is enough!

bbbunch said...

Oh Sarah! I am SO glad he is okay! ENOUGH! No more of have your 3 ONLY goods, k? You just zapped me back to when I was 18 and driving in the UP's f***king nowhere by myself and went into the ditch in the middle of winter (black ice and trying to retrieve a casette tape off the passenger side floor does not go well together). I don't know what was more scary - going in the ditch in f***king nowhere at about 9:00 PM OR the too helpful (insert: SCARY) man who stopped to help me and offered to "take me to his place while I waited for a tow truck"...ummm - NO! Anyway. Thank goodness someone else went right into the ditch after me and almost hit me. I had company :)

Tell Cliff we are glad nothing happened to him...we are quite fond of him :)

Love you!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Oh my about scary! We are so glad to hear that Cliff is fine although I am sure shaken and sore. My mind immediatly went to thinking that this is the devil attacking your family as you draw to an end in your adoption process. He is a sneaky son of a gun and I am sure in the throws of a panic attack at the thought of your family furthuring God's Kingdom on earth by bringing those boys home. We will be praying for your families protection and for a speedy recovery for Cliff's frazzled nerves after such a scary accedident.
All our love
The Swat Team

Heather said...

Oh my Sarah! So glad to hear he is ok. You must have been on edge until you saw him. I do hope you all get plenty of calm together time to recouperate from the stress.

Tracy said...

Wow, so scary. Yes, that should be your "3", over and DONE for the year! So glad he is doing ok!!!

Jenn said...

I am so happy it was only the van that was hurt and not The Mister.

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

WOW, it sure does sound like a three-some ordeal..I am praying/hoping it os over for you.


This Mama said...

How intense!! Oh my word I am so glad that all is alright!!