Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I received an email back from USCIS this morning:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. _____:

Your case is not yet approved. We will let you know about the final status.



I'm not exactly sure what to make of this. Funny how two itty bitty vague sentences can strike great fear into someone's heart. This has me worried because:

1) ALL the other files that were checked on, along with ours, were approved and are receiving Visas today. Why was ours not approved along with theirs? What factors held us back?

2) It is so damn vague, and in my experience, vague = unlikely/doubtful/putting off dropping the final blow until it's final.

Needless to say, I'm a freaked out, crying mess this morning. I'm just so sad and tired and cannot believe that our file is still the one being held back, not advancing. I'm just so sad and tired that every time I log onto Blogger it's to rant, vent, cry or worry. I'm so sorry for needing so much hand holding. You all who are still here reading all of this, I am sincerely grateful.


My dear husband, concerned about his usually calm wife's fairly hysterical reaction to this overly vague email, called our dear file manager, who is not at all concerned or worried about the email. Possible explanations as to why it has not been approved:

-They processed all the one-child families first (all the other files released had only 1 child.) This would make sense.

-They processed all the thin files first. With two boys, DNA and 20 months of process under our belts, it would not be inconceivable that our files have some heft to them.

My rational side can see the reason in those explanations. My Mama side will always worry.


Me said...

I am so sorry and I totally understand the anxiety that the vague-ness causes. Wish I had some words of comfort. Vent all you need to.

Sawatzky Kids said...

Oh Sarah...
We are of course always here for you. We love you and are in prayer for you.
All our support and love
Shawn and Michelle

Crystal said...

Sarah and family

Again I'm sorry you haven't heard anything. I to was in your group of files at USCIS and I have heard nothing either. I haven't tried to contact them and I am not even sure who I would contact. Anyway just know that when those little boys come home our family will all be jumping for joy with you. Hang in there. Have fun today!

Leslie said...

I'm sorry. I'm praying that your case is released soon.

Jenn said...

Sarah, I agree with the Mister. The girls who refeived the NOIDs didn't get any kind of pre-warning, right? If there was an issue I am sure they would simply tell you that versus some ambiguous email.

Stay positive! They are coming home.