Friday, January 02, 2009

33 Hours

A mere 33 hours into our New Year, Paloma took a swan dive/fall off of our living room sofa. Smacking her poor little forehead onto the edge of my very sharp coffee table. Then continued the swan dive through to the floor, landing smack center on the forehead she just split open.

Head wounds, for those lucky enough not to know, really, really bleed. A lot.

So all before 9 am, we packed up the kids, dropped the two oldest ones off at Jimmy's, and headed our poor little pumpkin over to the ER. The Mister and I later congratulated ourselves at how efficiently and quickly the older kids got their snow clothes on, he got the baby ready, and I retrieved my purse and necessary medical info. We did manage to show up at the ER, me in my sweats and the Mister in his polar bear pj's, but we weren't really thinking about what we were wearing when we were racing to the hospital.

We had a wonderful nurse and doctor. Paloma trooped through the procedure. She even took the time to critique the doctor's performance: "He's going too slow! Go faster!" she tearfully offered several times. The nurse and doctor thought she was adorable, fortunately, and got a big kick out of her.

9 stitches sewing together the 2.8 cm horizontal laceration on the lip of her forehead later, we were back home by 10:30. We are all now resting with our brave trooper and pampering her. The big kids are coloring pictures for her, Cliff is playing the "Mommy or Daddy?" over and over again at her request, and Mommy is going to bake whatever her Dear Heart's tummy requires.

Here's to hoping that we are ER-free the rest of 2009.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Oh poor Paloma!
A hearty "AMEN" to an E.R. free 2009!
Praying for a swift recovery for Miss Paloma :)
Shellyand crew

Melanie said...

OH NO! I, unfortunately know too well those head wounds bleed! and scare a poor mama like nobody's business!! Stella and Paloma will have lots to chat about at our next get together.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that, proud as I am of most things (including blood and wounds) don't bother me much, it was difficult to hear Paloma cry when she was scared. Of course, true to form, when she tired of crying she decided to pay close attention and thus the adorable criticism of the doctor made for a lighter mood.

Kudos to her mother, who typically is squeamish about these things. What a trooper to be there for her daughter when she needed.


Crystal said...

poor little one hope she heals great

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry! How scary-- I hope she is all better soon and no more ER visits are in your near future.

Jenn said...

Aww, poor Paloma! I hate head/face/scalp cuts, they are the worst. Hope she feels better soon.

bbbunch said...

Oh my goodness! NOT a way to start your weekend! Poor Pona...give her love from us!


Tracy said...

Your 2009 is off to just as good a start as mine! I hit a parked car today at Walgreens...happened to be a Cadillac owned by the VP of Bank of America...oops! Glad Paloma is doing fine!