Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Reason to Celebrate

When reasons to celebrate are few and far in between,

it's best to celebrate BIG!

DNA was taken on Monday, and should be back in the States for processing next Tuesday.

For us, this celebration was 51 days in the making.

So we'll be breaking out the bubbly to toast for the HOPE of a SPEEDY and MATCHING result.


laura said...

I feel like going out and getting a bottle and celebrate along with you!!! You can't imagine how much I needed to hear some good news today and this was it!! Can't wait to results are in and the visas issued!!

Amanda said...

Amen! Enjoy the celebration!

Jen said...

I am sooo happy this step is done and you guys can move on to getting those boys a Visa and getting them home!

Tracy said...

Wonderful news!! Here's hoping for a fast result and you guys can move on to bringing your boys home!!!!!!!!!

bbbunch said...



Melanie said...


Sawatzky Kids said...

Congrats on antoher step forward to bringing your boys home!!!!
Shelly and crew!!!

Amy Baker said...

I met you at chruch thru Debbie Pagel and wanted to check up on you. I am so thrilled for you!
God Bless!
Amy Baker

Adventures of A n Z said...

YEAH! Congrats Sarah!