Saturday, December 06, 2008

Puppy Love

Meet Kira.

Cute, huh? Dig those satellite ears!

Kira is Uncle Elmo's and Uncle Elmo's girlfriend's dog. Uncle Elmo and the girlfriend love Kira. But they are in their early 20's. They like to have a clean, orderly apartment. They like to go out to the wee hours of the morning, which hurts Kira's feelings. Uncle Elmo calls me, sighs and says, "I've tried all day to clean the house, but it's so hard to get anything done with a puppy in the house" or "Wow, do you know how much laundry I have to do now that we have a puppy?"


I am a Good Big Sister.

So being the loving older sister, I sigh empathetically and respond with something like,"Oh, I know how much laundry I have with 5 people in the house, so I can only imagine how rough this is on you two," or "You poor little lambs."

Kira likes noise, kids, animals and chaos.

What a coinkydink, as Auntie Sarah just so happens to specialize in those 4 areas.

So let's just say that Kira is on an undefined sabbatical at Auntie Sarah's house.

Kira weighs about as much as a Nerf Golf Ball. Don't ask me how much that is, but trust me, she's light. She weighs about 1/10 of what our humungo cat Lily weighs.

Kira spends most of her awake time chasing her tail.

She wags her tail so vigorously that it often pokes her in her eye.

It's so cute in a really pathetic sort of way.

And do you know what else is pathetic?
What I do all day now.
Every 10 minutes I say to Hattie,
"What's Kira doing?
Does she have to go out?"

7 times out of 10, Hattie will reply with:
a) "Chasing her tail" or
b) "Chewing on a toy and/or paper"

And I respond, "Take Kira outside to see if she has to go, please!"

But Kira weighs about as much as Nerf Golf Ball. And the snow is Deep. And Cold. And in about 3.2 seconds Kira starts doing a whole body quake and looks up at you with these eyes:

Have you ever seen Shrek 2? When Puss in Boots wants something so he takes off his hat and looks up at you with *those* eyes? Kira has that trick down cold.

So she is brought inside.

The other 3 out of 10 times when I ask Hattie,
"What's Kira doing?
Does she have to go out?"

Hattie will answer:

"Oh no! She just peed on the carpet!"

To which I respond REALLY LOUDLY,
but only in My Own Head:


But the kids LOVE Kira
And the Mister loves Kira (even if he comments otherwise!)
And I must admit,
I love Kira, too.

And so in a vague, undefined sort of way,
we sabbatical onward.

And when my baby brother finishes school,
and is making oodles of noodles as an
Underwater Welder,
then he shall have my carpet ripped out
and he shall buy me beautiful
Hardwood Floors
for my Birthday.


Amanda said...


That's quite an undertaking in my personal opinion. I detest dog "extras". I do hope your brother is of the "buy his sister hardwood floors" type. :~)

small town girl said...

She is awfully cute! But then, I am a sucker for this kind of thing!

I knew I had hardwood under the carpet in this house and finally had the nerve to take it up several years ago. Now I know why they put carpet down. The floors need work, which has yet to be done. Someday....however with dogs in and out it is so much better dealing with wood as opposed to carpet. I also tied some jingle bells to the door in an effort to teach my two slow learners how to tell me when they had to go. So far the only dog that uses them is the one that already knows how to tell me she has to go outside :) so I'm like you constantly running around trying to figure out if the little ones have to "go".

Anonymous said...

The dog is obviously heavier than a Nerf golf ball. She stepped in front of me when I ran through the house and I punted her at least 5 feet away!

I'll admit that the dog is growing on me. After today's poop and pee incident, I wasn't even mad. It was just a tired sigh and a shrug of the shoulders.

I'll have to take it to a barking coach, her bark is somewhat lacking in the intimidation department. And once we rename her, something like 'Killer' or 'Ramsack', she'll need to be able to be able to sound like she can back it up!

bbbunch said...

I can attest to how small she is (and cute). At least with a teeny tiny little dog...their pee/poop accidents are also teeny/tiny!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Very Cute! How could you not love that face!!!!!
Shelly and crew