Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the 7th Day of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Seven Somethuns Missing

Every day, little Paloma takes my hand and drags me into the living room where Mom's "Pretty Tree" resides (the real tree decorated with all the heirloom or breakable ornaments).

Every day, she exclaims, "Maaa--aahhhmmm, Somthun's Missing!" as she looks up expectantly at me.

"The Star! The star is missing from the tree!"

In Paloma's world, every tree should have a star. The sweet angel atop my pretty tree simply doesn't cut it.

It's not just stars that Paloma is quick to notice missing. This afternoon I pulled my girl all about our neighborhood on a sled ride. "Hey Mom!" she'd holler. "Somethun's Missing on that tree! It's missing a bird's nest!" or "It's missing a squirrel house!"

Moments like these make my mothering heart swell with love and adoration to the point where I am quite certain it will burst. I just want to scoop my little one up in my arms and squish her sweet face with big smoochy kisses.

I love moments like those. Moments like those are what I live for.

So, in the spirit of my littlest, on this 7th Day of Christmas, I shall reserve it for Seven Somethuns Missing.

Namely, the 7 addresses necessary to mail out my remaining 7 Christmas cards.


Frankie and Clarice
T.J and Norma
Eric C.
Steve and MaryAnne
Jerry L.
Geoff and Luzville
RaiAnne C.

You all are officially put on notice that we are desperately seeking your addresses! Please leave a comment for us with it, and I promise not to publish it for all to see.

To recap:

Seven Somethuns Missing,
Six Inches of Fluffy White Snow
Five Original Series Nancy Drew's,

Four -- Two DNA tests at the Maryland Lab (who care's if it isn't four? This news is too big not to include!)

Three Special Gifts from Granny and Papa
Two Perfectly Accurate Haitian Passports and

One Heirloom Ring

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Anonymous said...

I should know the addresses of most of those on the list. Its a little embarrassing, but I don't. Maybe I have it written down somewhere, maybe not. With one of them, we can definitely send it to my mom. At least, I definitely think we can.....