Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the 5th Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Five Original Series Nancy Drew's

Aren't they a beaut? "St. Nick" found them for Hatfield at an antique store in Door County. All five are of the original early series, where every book has 25 chapters instead of the 20. Ned Nickerson's name was also experimented with during this time: Ted Nickerson, Ted Dickerson, Dick Dickerson. Good thing he's such a steady guy, otherwise he may have wound up with a serious identity crises.

Don't you love the different colors on the book tops? They sure don't make them like this anymore.

Hatfield and I read 2 chapters out of the original Nancy Drew Series every night. I once blogged about it here. It's special time the two of share, alone, sharing something we both love. It's our tradition.

Tradition should never be undervalued. Every family should have their own traditions, indeed. But I also think it is very important for each individual parent to develop a tradition with each individual child. Something special and unique just for the two of them.

Hatfield and I have our Nancy Drew. And every night, after we read Nancy Drew, the Mister tucks Hatfield in and shares 3 funny stories or jokes with her. Sometimes the stories are from his childhood (quite often they are escapades about having to help with the chickens his father raised). Sometimes they are about his day. And sometimes I'll catch him perusing the Internet for "clean" and "age-appropriate" jokes to share with Hattie.

They also share a tradition of helping each other with their CrossFit fitness program. Each night, they help each other strive to do a perfect full pull-up, and they take turns timing each other in their workouts. It's not merely a habit, because it is something they both love and enjoy and want to share with each other. The Mister laments when he is away on business, "It's just not fun without Hattie."

Atticus and Cliff share Man Day every Saturday morning with Boppa and Uncle Fred. It is their father/son male bonding time. They rarely miss it, and I feel that it is so important I refuse to sign up Atticus for any event that occurs on Saturday mornings (like some soccer or baseball leagues). And anytime the Mister goes to a "Man Store," (aka the hardware store), Atticus gleefully joins him, and they get a treat at a gas station somewhere along the way.

Atticus and I share the violin together. I now have my own violin and am learning alongside of him each week. Each morning we practice together, offering encouragement and advice. On our drives to and from the studio, Atticus asks zillions of questions and I am stumped and perplexed zillions of times. We both love these times together, and we each feel "off" when we can't have our violin time.

And our Miss Paloma. Due to her young age, we are just working on creating traditions with her. They don't happen overnight, and it must be something that both parties truly enjoy. It's not dragging the child along on Mom or Dad's favorite activity, and it's not Mom or Dad tagging along, watching the child with theirs. Those are all fine things, nothing wrong with them, but I think it lacks those special bonds and interests that create tradition.

So now our fun is to enjoy watching Paloma grow. To see new traits and interests emerge. To find ourselves enjoying and falling in love with those same traits and interests.

To build tradition is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of parenthood. I feel blessed when sharing these times with Hattie and Atticus, and I feel absolute giddy at the thought of all the traditions to be built with Paloma, Keenan and Miles.

So, to recap:

Five Original Series Nancy Drew's,
Four -- Two DNA tests at the Maryland Lab (who care's if it isn't four? This news is too big not to include!)

Three Special Gifts from Granny and Papa
Two Perfectly Accurate Haitian Passports and

One Heirloom Ring


bbbunch said...

Happy 5th day of Christmas! Thanks for the reminder of "traditions"...sometimes you do them and don't even realize it. Your post reminded me of how important it is to know what the traditions are. I always think one of the best things about parenting is making memories that someday the kids will say "we always..." or "I remember when..." and that they want to share with their children too. Great post!

Tracy said...

Wow, you sure are having a great Christmas so far!!!

Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW!! Love the books! I am big Nacy Drew fan myself!
What a powerful post Sarah. I absolutly agree on the importance of traditions within families :) Thanks for sharing yours with us.
Shelly and gang

This Mama said...

That is so awesome - we have family traditions but I never thought of individual ones. I love it and I agree it is so important! Especially as both of our families are set to be larger than the standard 1.5 kids.
Thanks for this post. I have not picked up a Nancy Drew in like a billion years but I used to read them in the old school hardcover editions. Clover is just really into "chick lit" kind of stuff right now...sigh. Then she sighs when I pick out something to read...we have to find come in between ground and maybe N.Drew is the place?

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Wife,
If I haven't shared my traditions with Paloma, they include her punching me (which she clearly gets a laugh from), sneaking chocolate into hands 'just because', and the 'who do you love more, mommy or daddy' routine, where she says momma as she runs away and I chase her down and tickle her until she says 'daddy, I love you daddy'.

Perhaps Santa can give me a six figure income for the sixth day of Xmas!!!

-The Mr.