Monday, December 15, 2008

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

3 very special gifts from Granny and Papa!

A large box from Granny and Papa arrived today, and from all the merry excitement created by its arrival, you would think it was Santa himself was deposited upon our doorstep by the UPS guy.

Our Granny and Papa are "technically" Hatfield's birth grandparents on her birthdad's side. But we've all adopted them and they have adopted all of us and are our forever Granny and Papa!

You will never meet two kinder, generous people than Granny and Papa. They live in Washington State and have a huge clan of their own out there. Yet, year after year, holiday after holiday, they always remember us and take the time to send loving notes and goodies out our way.

The Mister and I are so incredibly grateful for Granny and Papa. Twice they have travelled all the way out here just to visit us. The last time was when we lived in Milwaukee, and Hattie loves to remember their visit. She knows exactly what stuffed animal they bought her when they went to the Science Museum, and she remembers what they all wore and how Granny fixed her hair. Atticus was too young to remember the visit, but boy does he know that Granny is his fiddle-playing kinfolk! I take after her, he'll tell you.

Each year their package arrives a bit before Christmas, and while I know I should make the kids wait until Christmas morning, each year I let them open their presents right away.

Granny has a knack for picking out the most perfect gifts for our children. A beautiful Dog Anatomy book for Hatfield (with the interactive pages, see-through diagrams and 3-d images), 50 Cool Yo-Yo Trick book for Atticus (with an extra yo-yo for the Mister and for Hattie, as she knew they would want to join in), and Dora the Explorer toy figures for Miss Paloma-Dora. Three extra boxes held stocking goodies for all the children, and my goodness! The excitement and love and "Look what Granny and Papa got me!"'s filled our home.

I let the kids open only Granny and Papa's gifts early. They get to spend the week playing, reading and excitedly sharing what their dear grandparents sent. The thoughtfulness of their gifts make each of our children feel so connected to them and I like that the kids have a week just to revel in knowing how loved, cared for and thought of they are by our dear sweet Granny and Papa.

Thank you, Terry and Darla, your thoughtful ways and words mean the world to us.
Sarah and Cliff

So to recap:
Three Very Special Gifts from Granny and Papa,
Two Perfectly Accurate Haitian Passports,
and One Heirloom Ring.


Anonymous said...

Yes, our family is luck to have Granny and Papa in our lives. They are great examples of what family is all about and I am proud of the fact that they are part of our family.

No funny one liners here. Just love and respect for Granny and Papa.


bbbunch said...

That is what family is all about :) I can attest to hearing wonderful things about them! What a sweet post.


Jennifer P. said...

What a great mom you are to let them open them early! And I love that they're the perfect gifts for them too!

I remember the Christmas package arriving from my grandparents. We weren't exactly "given permission" to open it early....but we always did ;)!

All the best to you!

Darla said...

Granny & Papa are so proud of Cliff and Sarah for the way in which they parent these kids. We have "7" grandkids, but we actually have 20 that we are happy to call "ours." Papa is not even the natural dad of my 4 children, but he is the best example of a father you will ever find. His grandchildren adore him as do I. We can't wait for another opportunity to go to Wisconsin to see the children and meet 2 new little boys who will soon reside with this wonderful family.

Thank you Sarah, and Cliff, for your wonderful blog.

Love you all. Darla & Terry