Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the 2nd Day of Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Two Perfectly Accurate Haitian Passports

Apparently the third time's the charm, as we now have 2 passports which both meet the following requirements:

1) Spelled correctly
2) Named correctly
3) Photographed correctly

Because yes, sadly, we have failed to meet all 3 of the following requirements in a variety of ways with our two sets of previous passports.

And sadly enough, after waiting months (and months and months---our first set was issued July 8th), the thrill is kinda gone. But I promise that the thrill will be back when we actually get the boys out of that country with those passports!

To recap:

Two Perfectly Accurate Haitian Passports
One Heirloom Ring


Anonymous said...

I wonder if we can get our hands on those invalid passports. If the names are incorrect, spelled incorrectly, and photographed incorrectly (a trifecta of errors!), we could give these guys "Bourne" identities.


Steph, G's Mom said...

Congrats on the Paspo yo!!!

What on God's Green Earth was happening at that passport office all this time? Couldn't they get someone that could spell/read/type beyond the 3rd grade????

Now....DNA!!!!!!!!!! These boys WILL come home and I cannot WAIT for that blog post!

Jen said...

Woohoo!! One step closer to getting the boys home!

This Mama said...

Good to hear - good to hear!!!

small town girl said...

So so sorry about the wait. But I can't help but be thrilled for you. Is that OK?

bbbunch said...

YAY!!! Success, one step at a time :)


Crystal said...

Yay Yay and flippen Yay! Finally
Hope they are here soon. Keep the good things coming.

Sawatzky Kids said...

Great news!
Smiling till my cheeks hurt! ;0
Shelly and crew

Salzwedel Family said...

Woo hoo! Hallelujah & amen!!!!!

The Dohrenwends... said...

Sooo happy for you!!!!
I've been following your blog and praying for progress!!!
again, congrats, WHAT a wonderful christmas gift!!!!

Leslie said...

YAY--correct passports!!! I'm so sorry that it has taken ridiculously long to get them corrected, but yay that they are right now!

blessedfamily said...

Yaaay! I am happy for you! What's the next hurdle!

God is good and his timing is just right!