Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the 1st Day of Christmas

Oy! I somehow failed to remember the 1st day of Christmas. Looks like someone will be getting some coal in my stocking. Or maybe some St. John's Wort to improve the mushy memory. So here we go:

On the First Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

One heirloom ring.

(Note: my camera is not of the quality to take a good picture of a rather tiny and shiny object. Let's hope next year on the First Day of Christmas, my true love gives me a killer digital SLR camera so I can take adequate photos of my small heirloom stuff.)

Backstory: this is the engagement ring my (late) father gave to my mother (Jimmy). Jimmy gave it to the Mister to give to me. Now, in addition to this being an incredibly cherished belonging, it's also very much my style. I am *not* a bling-y person. So this ring suits me so well.

Until now, I've been wearing my simple white gold wedding band that we bought 8 years ago. Once upon a time I wanted a big ol' diamond, but no longer. The whole blood diamond thing bothers me terribly, and the thought of spending so much money on something so frivolous makes me ill, especially after being in Haiti. But those are my own thoughts on my own belongings. I know some gals with Rock 'em Sock 'em Diamonds, and that's cool.

But for me, I'll proudly wear my sweet and simple ring.

(Doesn't the above photo look like I'm that scary hand creature on Sesame Street? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?)


Anonymous said...

I may be wrong on the hand character, but it reminds me of Oobi from Noggin (Days are the sunniest, jokes are the funniest, everywhere I go).

Women across America, unite against the bloody diamond trade! Stand strong and tell your fiances to not buy a diamond! Resist their pleas for permission and deny them the opportunity to work with DeBeers (or whatever diamond company you wish). Be Strong!

Your true love does want to get you a digital SLR. Heck, I almost got you an SLR this year. Until I found out it was overpriced. And non-digital (take the film to KMart!). Maybe next year, or your birthday, or just for the heck of it some day without occassion.....


This Mama said...

Canada has diamonds...but I won't push them because I am the same as you - in fact I wear nothing at all because I lost my plain white gold wedding band on a "Mom's night out" with my friends. Sounds exciting but really it was a big beach fire in the dark and I got a little too animated in my storytelling and my ring shot off into nowhere. I love vintage jewelry (of course your is much more special with its history) and my personal fav is this huge fake diamond thing (like if it were real it would drop jaws) that I bought at the thrift store for $3. I swear from a foot a way and beyond you would not know the differance ;)

I think your ring is beautiful.

Take care

Adventures of A n Z said...

congrats on getting the passports.

Michelle m

bbbunch said...

I definitely thought Oobi as well...but thanks Cliff for getting the song in my head!

bbbunch said...

By the way....what a cherished gift :) Very thoughtful of your mom!