Thursday, December 25, 2008

On the 12th Day of Christmas

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Twelve months of family memories.

In January, Paloma learned that a person runs into walls should they chose to wear a hat entirely over their head (yup! I'm that kind of mom who lets her kids hurt themselves to learn the lesson).

In February, our two Haitian Valentines melted our hearts with this pic.

In March, Hattie dolled up for her Pom & Dance recital.

In April, the Mister and Josh (aka The Chipmunk Hero) joined up to build the kayak.

In May, the kids kicked up some dust in the Green Bay Marathon Children's Race (it is *so* Atticus to be winking while having his photo taken.)

In June, we noshed on strawberries straight from the garden.

And my dear Mom and Melanie held an adoption shower for me (because we were so sure we'd be getting the boys in July/August).

In July, Camp Chamorro was founded.

where our days always went swimmingly.

In August, Miss Paloma turned THREE

and the Mrs. outsmarted those rat-bastard squirrels.

In September, we seriously broke some child labor laws.
(shucking edamame is hard work, evidenced by Pona's dramatic act of wiping the sweat from her brow)

(mixing concrete and paving our front stone walkaway. During a homeschool day. Which probably is breaking a child labor law out there somewhere. And maybe a truancy law as well. We like to live on the edge.)

In October, Atticus was chillin'

and Lil Sis hitched a ride from Big Sis.

In November, our boys were growing bigger and cuter by the day

and our family grew by two satellite dishes

In December, we said "So Long!" to the '70's

and chopped down our Christmas tree. Yes, Hattie is running around with a handsaw, but it's probably because she was scared of Jihad Atticus. Can you blame her?

So, for the final recap:

12 Months of Memories
11 Paws to Track in Snow and Ice
10 Things of Which I am Proud
9 More Days of Gluttony
8 Holiday Traditions
7 Somethuns Missing
6 Inches of Fluffy White Snow
5 Original Series Nancy Drews
(4) 2 DNA tests in the Maryland Lab ( news so big who cares if it's not an accurate '4!')
3 Very Special Gifts from Granny and Papa
2 Perfectly Accurate Haitian Passports and
1 Heirloom Ring

From our home to yours, we wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


project cars for sale said...

Very nice list. I should work on my own.

small town girl said...

Great recap. Merry Christmas Chamorros, and here is to a very happy New Year! Cheers!

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas!