Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

What's the name of that medical condition where a person, even though she has HUGE projects already in front of herself,

(Our disgraceful kitchen table)

(Family Room Horrific View #1)

(Family Room, Horrific View #2)

decides to take on an even BIGGER project to add to the already HUGE mess?

(The empty and awaiting project: Front Hall Closet Alcove-ification 2008)
(Am I the only one out there who names projects?)
(Sorry for the wonky picture. We do not have a large black line dividing our front hall closet in half, nor does it levitate about a grey surface)

(The LARGE pile of our now displaced winter coats)

because I'm in need of some treatment for this medical condition. Is there a support group somewhere?


bbbunch said...

I think I have it too. Sometimes I need to tackle an entirely DIFFERENT project than the one staring me in the face because it gives me satisfaction and tackle more projects! Don't worry! You're not the only one!

New toys. Yikes.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Wow...I have missed some great posts in my computer hiatus this Christmas Season! lol
Love your Twelve Days
And I can't wait to see the finished project for your closet.

bunchofbull-ers! said...

LOL....Well, if there is treatment, I need it too!! With all the Christmas mess around here I decided that I NEEDED to completely rearrange my kitchen....EVERY CUPBOARD has been cleaned out & moved to a different location. Why? I havent any idea. All I know is that it had to be done today! Ugh! All while I was fighting a headache. I do work better under pressure..hee hee! I should've taken before and after pics too!!



Anonymous said...

I know this disease- its called honey-do-itus. As bad as it affects you, it also hurts the loved ones in your life. It literally takes years off of the life expectancy of your spouse, it can affect the tranquility of your home, and most of all, it identifies the color-blindness of those handicapped husbands (quote: you don't really notice the difference between those two shades of green, do you?)
-Mr. Afflicted