Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friends made along the way

My friend L, whom I have never had the privilege of actually meeting in person, wrote this post yesterday.

And the gal nailed it. She's completely right about why we go forward like this, even when we don't truly even understand*what* the heck we're doing.

Another adopting mother, who now has her beautiful son home, had a very harrowing process as well. In prayer group one day, she broke down, sobbing. Her friends gathered around her, raised her arms around her head, and told her than when she was too weak and broken, they and the Lord would hold her up. They would not let her fall, they assured her, and they would give her the chance to regather the strength she needed.

I have met so many incredible women on this adoption journey. Many of whom I consider to be good friends, yet I've never met in real life. Their words, thoughts and prayers have held me up many times when I didn't feel that I could do it myself. Their insights have given me hope and motivation. I've been honored to pray for them in their times of need. We truly celebrate each other's victories and mourn as they miss the birthdays, the holidays, the first teeth, the first lost teeth, of the little ones they wait to bring home.

Thank you, everyone, for your words and prayers and thoughts of encouragement and strength. Thank you for your never-ending empathy. And thank you for allowing me the privilege of following your own adoption journeys. I would never, ever want to go through this process without people like all of you.

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I feel the same way.