Friday, December 12, 2008

Freaky Friday, Indeed

Infused with the Yuletide spirit, you can find many a 3-year old playing with adorable holiday toys such as this:
cute, isn't it? Love the sweet little reindeer.

Or this:
a plush cuddly nativity set, brought to us by those God-luvin' folk
at the online Catholic Supply Store.

Some 3-year olds spend their time watching holiday classics.

Not our 3-year old Paloma.

Why play with Santa toys or Nativity Sets or waste your time watching Frosty,
when you can play with these:

Torso-less nuns

and Headless Priests.

"It's okay that they don't have heads," Paloma tells us. "We talk for them."

See? We just leave those decapitated nun heads lying around,
the same as if it were a Matchbox car.

Happy Freaky Holidays!


Salzwedel Family said...

Love it! I think Paloma would get along well with our three year old son Brezlan. I found Santa's arm under the microwave cart today courtesy of my little darling. He finds terrorizing the holiday figurines quite enjoyable.

Sawatzky Kids said...

Oh Paloma you really are the one for my Waytt!
LOVE IT!! :)

Tracy said...

That post made me laugh out loud! Too cute

Anonymous said...

If only we could add audio. When she plays with tiny figures, she uses a high-pitched "Red Rum" voice. "Hi! My name is Tony and I'm very mad!!!"


Jen said...

Although Paloma's play toys are a bit on the morbid side, Sam's are just weird. Please explain to me why he was able to occupy himself for hours with a box of tampons....???