Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Completed: Alcove-ification 2008

The overly cluttered, horrifically messy and utterly hopeless Front Hall Closet has
left the building.

A neat and tidy, seating alcove has taken over.

The Mister did a great job painting. Thank you, hon! The first picture has horrid lighting, but you can get a feel for the color in the latter photos. I was so thankful that he was on board with the yummy avocado color I chose. NOT the avocado from the 70s, and NOT the color of the avocado skin. But the yummy, delectable green of a perfectly ripe, soft yet firm, avocado. The color of the most perfect God-given food of all.

I did buy the red metal shelf from Hobby Lobby. I bought the most banged up one I could find. I'm tired of decorating with things that look like they are fresh out of the store. I like things with character, history, a story.

The water bottle on the left is an antique seltzer bottle from the North Side Bottling Works of Wausau, Wisconsin. The sampler has a sweet poem about learning. The pewter candlestick holder is a gift to my mother from my father. The books are all old and treasured. The black and white photo my grandparents in their early 20s, the Mother-of-Pearl frame purchased by my grandmother while in her 20s.

My dad built this bench years ago. It's been grey and later beige. We painted it barn red and then distressed it. The wooden box is an antique milk bottle box from the Kitsap County (Washington State) dairy. I bought it for $5 at a garage sale when I lived in Tacoma, and I've dragged it along with me on 6 moves.

I feel so feng shui (spelling?) when I now walk into my front hall. No longer am I greeted by a huge wall of dark doors. Nor do I dreak opening the door and having a huge mess tumble out. No longer will I holler at the Mister and children for leaving the closet doors open with the front door open for the entire neighborhood to gape at the atrocity that was the Front Hall Closet.


A Blessed Life said...

I love it!

Jenn said...

You did an awesome job!! The nester would be proud!

Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW!!! Love it to pieces! Well done Cruz Crew!
Shelly and gang

This Mama said...

That looks wonderful!!
What a great idea + you mixed two of my favorites together...that wonderful green and red!
I agree too that I like things with a bit more character/age to it (plus you never have to worry about that first ding/scratch)

bbbunch said...

What a beautiful greeting to your home! I LOVE it :) Love love love love love all the stuff with history (but you knew that already, didn't you?) What in the world do you do with all the rest of your coats and closet things? We turned out front hall closet into the kids craft/game cabinet, but we have a terrible time with our winter coats. We keep them in the closet in our rooms (ha!) and on the front hall bench hooks...aka all over the front entryway. Love the transformation! Are you prepared for Christmas disaster now? Sometimes these things give us strength :)

purplepeotone said...

I also like the old rustic look rather than new out of the box. I have an old table with 2 broken chairs, and I was so happy when I found this old scratched up wooden bench at a garage sale for $6 !! With a cushion added to the top, it is the best!! The dents and scratches I love...it adds so much character to our kitchen and of course the kids fight to sit there!! I love what you did to your closet, it's so something like I would do...we don't have a closet, so we built a huge cubby in the wall...I should put a pic on my blog to show you...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its great now that we can't get in trouble for leaving the closet door open (removing the door is a good thing!) but now we can't have a mess in the closet. Its neat, neat, neat, no exceptions.

Mr. C, Mr. C, he cannot be so messy,
He must learn to be more clean
And not leave a mess that's obscene
(sorry, watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, love the Augustus Kloop song)

Debbie said...

I love it!!! especially love the pillows and shelf and side hooks!!