Monday, December 01, 2008

And since the Mister already had the paintbrushes and tarps out. . .

it seemed like the ideal time to repaint the kitchen.

Jimmy painted the kitchen shortly after we moved in. I picked the greenish-khaki color. Big mistake.

I loved the color on my friend's family room walls in Milwaukee. Her family room had 15-foot ceilings, an entire wall of ginormous windows, and several skylights.

Our kitchen has low ceilings, brown cabinets and a mere 2 windows.

No wonder something got lost in translation. Thank goodness I have a great motto:


(Point: The Mister would like me to take a moment here to note that his personal
motto is missing the "re-paint" part of it.)

(Counter-Point: The Mrs. would like to point out that it's a darn good thing she "completes" the Mister, so now he too can have "Re-Paint" in his motto.)


Here is a photo from last New Year's. It was the first I found that showed the "Before" wall color.

Greenish-khaki isn't a bad color. I like how it makes the Fiesta Ware Red pop. It just wasn't right for our kitchen.

The kitchen is now a cheery Sunlit Yellow.

I am a Yellow Kitchen sorta gal. We also repainted the kitchen hallway, which is one of my favorite spots in the house.

I could never get tired of looking at these cute faces.

Now it's all the more enjoyable on my cheery Sunlit Yellow walls.


laura said...

Love the yellow!!!

Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I love the yellow color. I don't know if its out of laziness or habit, but the green color was okay. Its like having a knob that doesn't work in your old car- you get used to it and don't mind the fact that its there, imperfect.

Of course, the room looks larger, and its fun to do these things. I love my wife and can't wait until she demands I re-do the garage and buy power tools so that it can stage the ultra masculinity that permeates the place.


Melanie said...

Now you have a 'moonlit' room and a 'sunlit' room...very nice!

did you read my blog...I'll be doing some kitchen painting in my future...maybe I can have 'somethinglit' too...anything left?

Sawatzky Kids said...

What busy bees you have your place! Lookin good in the kitchen! ;0