Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ye Olde Poetic Justice

Paloma is our sneaky child. She will try her darnedest to get away with outrageous acts of mischief right under our own noses.

But she's 3.
So she's not very good at it yet.

The other day, 'lil Miss Sneaky stealthily snuck into her big brother's room and stole these from his candy stash:

Bernie Bott's Beans.

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you know what I'm taking about. If not, let me explain.

Bernie Bott's Beans are jelly beans of two sorts. One sort is the super-yummy Jelly Belly traditional beans. Blueberry. Cherry. Green Apple. Yummy.

The other sort is not. Grass. Ear Wax. Vomit. Not yummy.

So 'lil Miss Sneaky stole Atticus' beans, dumped them out on my bed, and began popping them.

That's when Ye Olde Poetic Justice kicked in.

I don't know what flavor she got.

But it wasn't yummy.

Poor Paloma.
She wants us to feel soooo bad for her.

But we don't.


Salzwedel Family said...

Ha ha! This post makes me think that we would get along great. If you are going to be sneaky you're not getting sympathy at our hosue either.

On a side note - I just wanted you to know that every time I see a Chairman Bob shopping bag I think of you. That post still cracks me up (which means I am obviously easily amused).

Melanie said...


Amanda said...


The buttered popcorn sounds yummy, though :~)

This Mama said...

Oh Sarah that is so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up that she was caught in the act and learned a lesson. Now, if we can only do something to teach her similarly that punching dad in the no-no's is not as funny as she thinks it is.......

I have to admit, the thing with Chairman Bob was a stroke of genius.

Sawatzky Kids said...

Aaahhh poor Paloma! ;(
Karma is a terrible thing! lol
Shelly and gang