Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Mess so BIG that I can't even think of a title for this post

A while back, I wrote this post, about my need to reclaim the cluttered and/or neglected and/or abused inches in my home.

So far, my only big deed in this challenge has been to turn the dining room into the office. Otherwise, I've just managed to keep further clutter/neglect/abuse at bay. For the most part.

I think that's called "treading water."

Our basement is a disaster zone. Even the *thought* of trying to organize it makes me so tired that I can't get myself down there to make an attempt. My past attempts to unclutter have resulted in the Mister and my children going through the garbage and/or giveaway piles, all panicked, to reclaim old stuff that they hadn't used/touched/laid eyes upon for the past 3 years.

For the past two months, the basement door has stayed shut. I rarely allowed the kids to take anyone down there, for fear of someone tripping and breaking an important bone (aren't they all important though, really?)

So, to my great JOY, later today SUPERJIMMY and BOPPANATOR will come to my rescue.

I love my stepdad. He can fix anything and install any sort of appliance/fixture/gadget. I love my mom. She's like Martha Stewart's long lost twin. She lives in a smaller, perfectly organized condo which leaves her high and dry when those strong decluttering/reorganizing/decorating urges hit her.

And when those urges do hit her, she's damn lucky she has a daughter like me who always happens to have a huge disorganized mess or two for her to fix!

I can't believe I posted the above picture, but I did. I shall sacrifice my own vanity so that, when y'all see the after photo, you know just how darn amazing SUPERJIMMY and BOPPANATOR are.

My goal is to turn the basement into a second family/craft/game room of sorts. I found that I much preferred to homeschool at the kitchen table or in our upstairs family room, and since then the basement has collected all the toys/games/stuff that I didn't want to clutter up my kitchen. Some great logic there, I know. As a result, every time I set foot in the basement, the chaos would give me a headache and I would feel a weight was on my chest.

But logic be damned and the headache be gone, for my two awesome parents are on their way. This may be their greatest challenge yet. Hopefully, it will make them thirsty and coming back for more decluttering projects.

And being the perfect, firstborn child that I am, I can happily oblige.


Anonymous said...

No title! This must be the mess that dare not speak its name!!

I can vouch for the wonderparents. The basement already looks better. Did you know we have carpet in the basement?

-The mr.

Anonymous said...

Can they come to my house next??

Sawatzky Kids said...

I can hardly wait for the after! Those kind of projects just make my day! lol
Shelly and gang

bbbunch said...



bbbunch said...

Umm...hello? I want pictures and ideas...I want updates!