Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Warm and Sunny November Afternoon

What does a Mom do when it is the month of November and the temperature outside hits

70 degrees?!??!

Does she:

a) hire a babysitter so she can hit the local beach by herself with a good, non-adoption related book;
b) hook up the PS2 to babysit the kids so she can mow the overgrown lawn; or
c) realize that the lawn will still be there to mow next spring, throw the kids in the van and head to an awesome park.

"C" was exactly what we did, as headed to a park to meet our best buds', Melanie and her Three Little Princesses

We arrived first, so Hattie and Atticus warmed up the slide while they were waiting.

They practiced their "Mean Faces," just in case any playground bullies showed up (none did besides Paloma.)

While Paloma took a quick snooze to ensure PPP (Peak Playground Performance).

Once the Princesses arrived, Atticus and Stella jumped right into a game of Star Wars.

Paloma was so not going to allow Miss Stella to pose pretty for a picture all by her lonesome.

Lyddie and Paloma spent a lot of time hanging out in the "Guinea Pig Tunnel," where they oinked at us for imaginary guinea pig treats.

The littles are BFFs.

The big girls only stood still long enough for a photo op during a Group Huddle.

And the littles, shortly after Melanie and I announced that the fun was coming to an end.


Anonymous said...

I love the photos and seeing the kids happy in a beautiful environment. Friends and family from Washington may be shocked to hear (read) me say this on a November day, but I think we are lucky to live in Green Bay (I can hear my wife gasping in shock!). It is a great place to raise a family and our kids (as well as Mel's princesses) are flourishing.

-Mr Mr.

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome day!!!!!!!

Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW! Glad to see you all had such amazing weather! Try to send some up here would ya?! ;)
Shelly and crew

Melanie said...

Awesome pics. All us princesses had a great time!