Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teenage Sniper Penguin, Canine Royalty and Lessons from Home Ec

My first night back in the workforce went very well. Both at the job and at home.

The Mister did great on his first night of solo parenting. I realize this is no big thing at many a home, so if you're rolling your eyes, bear with us. We're just not used to Mom being away night after night, so it's a BIG change 'round here.

We both knew the tricky part of the evening would be bedtime. Paloma has a rather elaborate bedtime routine, so the Mister came up with a great idea to keep the big kids busy without the help of tv. I guess there is some PS2 game called 'Toon or something of the sort? Where you create your own cartoon character and adventure plots? Well, I'm not sure what it is called or what it's played on, but the Mister decided to take 'Toon back to the basics. . . good ol' fashion pencil, paper and coloring markers.

Voila! Before the end of my first shift, Teenage Sniper Penguin came to life, courtesy of Atticus:

and Hatfield created her very own Canine Royalty Kingdom, entitled Maggie & Friends:

Kudos to the Mister on some very wholesome. . .well, scratch that, because I think the whole Sniper Penguin thing kinda eliminates the wholesome thing. . . some very creative kid activities!

Plus he earned huge points with me because he did ALL of our laundry (and it wasn't even our laundry day!) and MOPPED the kitchen floor!

Admittedly, my late night last night has left me very tired today. I was a little weary upon waking, until I realized that it was Home Ec Morning

and as such, Miss Hatfield's turn to make breakfast.

She handled scrambled eggs solo.

They turned out perfectly. Buttery, lightly salted, heavily peppered. Perfect.

Someday in the future I will elaborate on our Home Ec program and wax philosophic on why Home Ec is desperately needed to save our future generations (I'm serious here, folks.)

For now, I'm just going to enjoy our quiet Pajama Day at home.


Amanda said...

That curriculum looks great! Glad your first night went well...sounds like the mister set an awfully high bar for himself ;~)

Anonymous said...

Not to be a nerd, but the Toon thing is a pencil, paper, and dice role-playing game (think Dungeons and Dragons) but was centered around cartoon characters. Enough about the dork stuff....

My wife is soooo boss! She can handle three jobs and still make her family feel nothing but love. :)


ManyBlessings said...

I absolutely love your blog! I honestly get so excited to see another post from you. :) Crazy, I know. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Home Ec. I would love to try implement this better in my own home.

Anonymous said...

Way to go MISTER!! Wahoo!!!

Glad your first night went well!

small town girl said...

Having almost raised two boys, I can totally relate to teenage sniper penguins. That made me smile!

I love Home Ec too. At the University level it's now called Family and Consumer Sciences...I think you have embodied that very well!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Funny! Glad to hear everything went so smoothly for you guys! Atticus you have totally inspired Jack to some writing of his own lol