Saturday, November 15, 2008

Q & A with The Mister

The Mister has developed quite a cult following, due to our 5FC blog, and his fan mail is arriving in record numbers. In addition to requests for autographed photos or locks of his hair, we often receive questions from his curious admirers. This morning, he is taking time to answer a question or two.

Secret Admirer in the Midwest writes:

Dear Mister,

What do you think is the most under-rated Saturday morning activity?

The Mister responds:

"Excellent question, Secret Admirer! I am so glad you asked.

Waking up to find 3 inches of standing water on the 2nd story bathroom floor, courtesy of an overflowing toilet, which then is draining into the kitchen light fixture on the first floor, (think of a cascading waterfall)

and further draining into the basement ceiling and onto my wife's arts and crafts table in the basement, is an GREAT way to start a morning. Particularly in the 6 am hour. HIGHLY UNDERRATED, in my book.

Any more questions?"

I would just like to say that My Mister is my Ultimate Super Hero. He is a man who has cheerfully cleaned up toilet water on 3 different levels of the house, all the while teaching our son that unexpected things might happen and we just have to make the best of them and laugh. My Mister is so boss, and I love him.

Thank you, Mister! I love you!
Your adoring Wife,
The Mrs.

1 comment:

Sawatzky Kids said...

OH man!! Toilet water at the butt crack of dawn...Wwwwaaaaayyyy up'd your points with the cheerful attitude in my book!
How do you feel about jumping out of bed to kill a HUGE spider that has scared your wife to death first thing in the morning?... I would like to compare and contrast your answer with my hubby's! lol