Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Metaphorical Dam Breaks

Countless challenges have built a rather large dam, holding back our ability to have our DNA tests taken.

This morning, the dam broke.

Can I get a loud Hallejulah?

I am forever grateful to several other adopting families who took time out of their busy schedules to forward me information to pass along our adoption pipeline. The direct result of it is that we are going to get our DNA tests done, without passports.

Thank you, you dear families, thank you.

Our DNA test will be done today, IF they can round up the birth mom. If not today, tomorrow, or perhaps the next day. And since passports don't seem near ready, I'm not complaining about any day this week.

Of course, this is something that could have been done all along. Like 40-some days ago. Maybe that could have been the difference between having my boys home for Christmas and spending it without them. But maybe not, as the Consulate is seeming pretty slow in their rate of handing and there are countless other challenges we could encounter.

And yesterday, Small Town Girl's comment really rang true:

"Lately I feel I am in danger of becoming bitter, and I just really don't want to go there. So keep writing. We'll keep reading. And I'm not going to let this process make me bitter."

Nothing can be done about the cudda/wudda/shudda's. And I am really, really tired of feeling crappy. And I really, really don't want to be a bitter person. Because life is too short. And there are far worse things I could be going through. And because who likes to be around bitter people?

So today, I am going to CELEBRATE the fact that we made a POSITIVE step forward today. That the damn dam holding us back gave way, and our file can once again begin to baby step forward.

One step closer, my boys.
(Photo taken August 2006)
One step closer.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Praising God for those baby steps! :)
Shelly and crew

ManyBlessings said...


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

I am glad to hear there is movement!!!!


small town girl said...

I am so glad! Yay! Another thing that is awesome about this is that it will help other families get their children home.

God is good! Happy Thanksgiving!

Laurie said...

This will be one time consuming step out of the way. Even if its baby steps - its progress. :)

Melanie said...



Jen said...

One more step down...soon these little guys will be home.

Tracy said...

A huge Hooray to you guys! Great news!!!

Dawn S. said...

Praise the LORD!!!!!