Monday, November 03, 2008

Family Fun Night

Does your family have a night where you throw out ALL (well, okay, MOST) of your rules and


Our Family Fun Night is Saturday night.

This Saturday night we ate home made pizza.

We usually do that on Friday nights, but Friday was Halloween and we ate at the Halloween Party we went to. So instead we ate pizza on this Saturday night. That was our one deviation this week.

On Saturday nights, we give ourselves permission to be BAD parents.

After we eat on Saturday Nights, the Mister fires up iTunes and we totally rock out AIR Rock Band-style ('cuz we don't have the actual game).

But it's okay we don't have the game, because this way we can watch each other Air Rock Out and steal each others' dope moves.

We rock out to Weezer

because the kids LOVE Weezer (Mom and Dad do too) and Pearl Jam

because Mom went to college in Seattle during the Grunge Era.

And the Grunge Era rocked.

After we Air Rock Out, we make stove top popcorn and DROWN it in melted butter and then sprinkle on a BLIZZARD of salt.

We watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. It's PG-13. Don't tell anyone, but our kids are only 10, 4 and 3.

On Saturday Nights that is OKAY.

No super bad language (well, nothing different than what slips out of Mom's mouth sometimes) and nothing s*xy-s*xy.

Plus, our family LOVES adventure movies.

This Saturday night, after we gobbled pocorn, the kids asked if they could have some Halloween Candy. The hauled down their treasure, and asked how many pieces they could have.

"As much as you want," I said.

Their eyes got REALLY BIG. "FOR REAL?" they asked incredulously.

"For real," we answer.

On Saturday nights, we are AWESOME parents.


Jen said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome night!

Anonymous said...

Of course, being the loving parents we are, we audited the candy for quality (and safety) control. The kids may have complained a little but, after tackling each one and yanking their stash, we did more than say we love them. We showed it with handfuls of candy shoveled with no regard to personal safety into our mouths.

I will do/eat anything for my children. I love them that much!


bbbunch said...

Ahhh...I thought MY kids were the only ones listening to Weezer and Pearl Jam at their ages...LOVE YOU!
(by the way...the grunge era TOTALLY rocked!)

Sawatzky Kids said...

I love those kind of parenting nights! I think it is absolutly critical our kids see us first hand acting like crazy kids right along wth them sometimes! Those are the memories that will have them rocking out with their own kids one day! :)

This Mama said...

I am all about reliving the grunge fact I am not really sure we ever left it. I just downloaded Nevermind on itunes and, you know, I have to say Clover was not all that impressed. But it was fun going back there for sure.

By the way Cliff's comment above made me burst out laughing in a very quiet computer lab...thanks a lot! lol

Anonymous said...


Can I come next time???