Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back to Work

Tomorrow, for the first time in a very long, long time, I will punch a timeclock and rejoin the monetarily-compensated work force. I will now add the title of "Working Mom" along to "Stay-at-Home Mom" and "Homeschooling Mom," just in case the two latter titles somehow infer that those roles do not count as "work."

Since "Household Control Freak" is also among my numerous titles, you can imagine the magnitude of my freak-out today while trying to plan/coordinate/prepare/prevent every probable and possible meal/activity/chore/disaster that will occur for the Mister during his Solo Parenting Duty Hours.

Every weeknight for the next two weeks will find me out of the home, training for my new position as a Payment Processing Associate for an online-catalog retailer. Their office is less than 2 miles from our front door, and they pay well. The seasonal position ends January 3, and hopefully our two little guys will be granted Visas shortly afterwards, and we'll whisk down to bring them home, courtesy of the adoption savings account padded by my hours spent working outside the home.

Kind of cool how that all kind of works out, isn't it?

So far, I have spent the day writing out the evening schedules and weekly menus. I found this crockpot cooking blog through Aves' blog. The crockpot lady decided to blog about using her crockpot for 365 straights. Wow. I've been combing through her archives and found some promising recipes. I like meals where I can use the leftovers from the day earlier (like day 1: a baked, whole chicken. Day 2: crockpot chicken tortilla soup with the chicken leftovers). This afternoon I'll hit the grocery stores once the Packer game starts. Our city becomes a ghost town during a Packer game, and I'm ensured front-row parking and no-wait lines during those 3 hours of gametime.

Being prepared helps quiet my Inner Household Control Freak. It also ensures that my children will not eat Halloween candy for dinner 5 nights in a row.

Kinda cool how it all works out.


Jen said... got the job! Good for you! Do you think it possible for you to wear any more hats? Your mister is one lucky man.

Anonymous said...

Ice cream is not considered halloween candy. Its a staple, bought directly at the grocery store.

Your friend Jen is right, I am a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife. I can't wait to eat (and help make) crockpot meals. They rock!

(Of course, we have that crockpot that cooks a little too hot and often burns things on the bottom but, hey, that's just more crispy parts for me!!)

-Mr. Mom

Sawatzky Kids said...

Congrats on the new job Sarah!! :)
It is always wonderful to see how God works things for our benefit. You are gonna rock this job out sista!!!!!