Thursday, November 27, 2008

Awake at 1:49 am with a Rumbly in my Tumbly

Miss Paloma usually awakens us at least once in the night for some request. Usually involving a liquid. The child, although small, can hold her liquids like a camel (meaning our bedsheets stay dry), so we usually acquiese and then we're on our merry way back to Dreamland.

This past week, the Mister has been burning the midnight oil on paperwork, even though he's had to leave each morning by 4:30 am to drive his way up to the U.P. So each evening around 1:30 am when the Thirsty Beast Awakens, I've let him sleep.

I sound like a pretty selfess wife, don't I?

Does it count as selflessness when I happily flounce downstairs so that I can sneak a handful or two (or ten) of these?

My dear friend Anne Marie is moving. And after her going away party last Friday night, she sent me home with a bag of these. Which being the Good Mom that I am, hid from my children so they wouldn't suffer long-term, Frito-induced hypertension or bad cholesterol.

Or Frito breath.

So each night for the past week, I've been scarfing these down. Washed down by old, flat 7-Up that the Mister hides from the kids for his occasional Seven 7. 'Cuz he's a Good Dad and he doesn't want them to suffer from long-term, flat soda-induced tooth decay. And he doesn't want to share.

But I digress.

So guess what? I'm awake now, and there are no Fritos.

Poor Me. I am hungry and my tummy is rumbly. So I'm making all of you suffer through this with me.


So my Mister, in his moment of empathy (because he's been 7-Upless before) tried to cheer me at 1:49 am up with his adventures at the video store tonight. He went to rent a UFC dvd with "classic" UFC fights (because apparently, those exist). I asked what fun is it to watch a fight in which you've already known the outcome for the past how many years?

Apparently, it still is a lot of fun.

But anyways, so he goes to the counter to pay his dollar and he whips out a baggy of change. 'Cuz we're cool like that. And you know what else was mixed in his bag, which he didn't notice until he actually unknowingly gave some to the cashier?

Play money.

I laughed pretty hard.

It helped in me in my Frito-less times.


Anonymous said...

Please note that play money is not legal tender. It's useless to buy stuff but it's great to make people, like the video store clerk, smile at you like you just won the special olympics.

Happy Thanksgiving!


bbbunch said...

That's funny stuff peeps...funny stuff!

Salzwedel Family said...

He he, that's a good one!

By the way, my comment moderation word is croch...very nice.

Jen said...

Sounds like you have a bit of the munchies...hmmmm...

Melanie said...

Fritos huh? I found myself finding some bit of chocolate to shove in my mouth...night after night...when I'd oome downstairs to get Lydie a my pants don't fit!

Love the change story!

Dawn S. said...

Ahhh, so glad I stopped by for some Chamorro fun!! You are hilarious!