Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anger Management Issues

The Hague Convention had it ALL WRONG when it mandated a gazillion hours of "Adoptive Family Education and Training," while failing to include a mere nano-second of "Pre-Placement Process-Related Anger Issues."

We have been on the receiving end of news and information this past week that has me seeing red. Add that to the fact that we received our (still-unfulfilled) DNA request issued Oct. 10th and I'm x'ing days off the calendar with abandon (FORTY-SIX DAYS AGO), nearly into December, and sometimes my frustration feels like it is literally going to smother the life right out of me.

I feel like we are being attacked in every area of our lives right now. Financial. Health. Relationships. Home. Sanity.

Right now, I'm struggling BADLY in terms of getting a grip on it all.

I'm always so humbled and surprised that you all keep coming back to read my blog, when I spend a lot of time whining about the adoption and sharing a never-ending stream of bad news. I spend a lot of time being such a downer.

I used to think the miracle of the adoption would be a fast process. We kick and scream and scratch and claw our way through this system so I thought my 'miracle' and 'reward' would be a super-speedy adoption.

The miracle, I know realize, is just getting them home at all.

But that's going to take awhile.

For now, the miracle will be getting my blood pressure safely down from the Red Zone.

That might take awhile, too.


Anonymous said...

My dear Sarah and Crew,

Your adopted mom here. You have the right to cry and whine and whine all your heart needs to. I keep reading your bog and praying for y'all because it gives me hope that me's journey, like yours, will come to an end someday. I had an adoption journey many years ago, but not the long wait y'all are experiencing. So I have felt some of the frustration and anxiety and my heart goes out to you. Me has told me she does not want to hear any more sweet encouragement, blah, blah, blah for the time being. So I am abiding by her wishes. I know that does get old. All of you families who are treading this path are in my prayers.

By the way, in Texas when it snows an inch, public schools close so you did the right thing.

Keep posting,

Me's mom

Salzwedel Family said...

You are right - it is a miracle they ever come home at all. Adoption is a painful process. I'm praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Its times like this that I feel powerless. A man always wants to save his wife, fix her problems, and make her world better. Right now, there's not much I can do and I am sorry that I can't fix this for you.

For what it is worth, you have handled this all with class and have shown remarkable strength and resiliance. Every day I admire you more and more.


bbbunch said...

How come if you are such a "downer" - every single time I talk with you (or even hear your voice) I felt uplifted? You are NOT a downer Sarah. You are real. REFRESHINGLY real, and I for one love you for it!


small town girl said...

The bright side is the ME's mom has adopted you. That's awesome!

We read because we relate, darlin. Pure and simple. We're all here in what feels like hell, together.

Lately I feel I am in danger of becoming bitter, and I just really don't want to go there. So keep writing. We'll keep reading.

Small Town Girl

ania said...

I spend a lot of time being such a downer.

Oh my goodness, no. You spend a lot of time being real.