Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miss Ella Jane

Introducing, Miss Ella Jane

Miss Ella Jane is the beautiful first daughter/third child of my dear friend Nola. Nola and I met nearly 7 years ago in Lamaze class. I was expecting Atticus; she, at that time, was a single Mom expecting her first, Alec. I had been a single mom when I was expecting my first, so Nola and I had the instant bond that only those who went through a stressful pregnancy alone can understand. She has since married a WONDERFUL man Matt who we adore, and gave birth to their son Jake 9 days after Paloma was born.

Me and the crew of our kids:

And with just the youngest 3:

Nola is the sweetest of friends. This is the kind of friend she is:

Nola: Your family is now healthy. My family is now healthy. Let's have you over to meet Ella!
Me: Wonderful!
Nola: It will be great! I'll cook you guys a ham dinner, and we'll have mashed potatoes.

Now, you might think that this is a plan only a woman in the state of IISD (Infant-Induced Sleep Deprival) would create. Not Nola. She is just so generous and giving and welcoming to everyone. To continue the conversation:

Me: ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am bringing YOU dinner. You just had a baby, for goodness sake!
Nola: No, really, I'll make a ham. It's just heating up the oven, popping it in...
Me: NO NO NO! I'm bringing pizza. If you want to pop something in the oven, make another baby. I'm bringing dinner.
Nola: Well, okay, but I'll bake brownies and make a salad.

That is just so Nola! I absolutely love her. Nola has this crazy happy energy about her. I have never met a mom who is more attentive to her children. Never. I have many friends who are all wonderful mothers, but not one of us comes close to Nola's skill of attentiveness. Being around Nola, you can't help but become infused with her excitement and energy. It's contagious.

We had a wonderful dinner and fabulous time visiting. I was very generous and let Matt hold and coo at his daughter for 3 minutes after a long day of work. And I tried not to pout when I had to hand Ella Jane back to Nola so that I could assist Paloma in the bathroom.

Nola's boys are very into military. They love everything military, and never have I seen more military hats, uniforms and toy guns (they were all the true 'toy' guns that looked like toys) than at their house. Right after dinner, we bundled up the kids and Matt took them outside so they could play "war." Running around their dark wooded lot, only lit by the full moon and the glow of their porch's Halloween lights, our kids had an absolute BLAST!

Paloma made even the military hat look quite en vogue!

Jake, 9 days younger than Paloma, takes the military life very seriously.

Jake and Paloma were hysterical. Very much similar in temperament and personality, Matt and Nola were howling at how Paloma bossed him around and how he did everything she said. At one point she put her fingers over his lips and said, "Shh! Be ky-et. Hattie's talking," to which he said, "Okay. Don't hit me!"

Atticus loved the break from Littlest Pet Shop!

Alec, who is one month and four days older than Atticus:

Thank you, Nola, for the lovely evening and for being so patient as I hogged your daughter all night! I love you, my dear friend!


Melanie said...

Adorable baby! Cute kids! And Fabulous Haircut Miss Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I see it now, a Green Bay version of 'The Sound of Music'. A debonair foreigner with an accent, multiple kids with a military upbringing, and a superwoman who wins the man's heart while dancing, singing, and teaching them about life. The only change is, of course, that Fritz boy being shot for talking directly to the oldest daughter (You are sixteen, I am- BLAM BLAM).

Green Bay is alive with the sound of music!

-Mr. C